Disclaimer: Affiliate Links

I am a Book Depository* and Wordery* affiliate. Which means I get a small commission when you purchase a book through my links.

What’s an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a link that directs you to a webpage, in this case that’s either Book Depository or Wordery. If you purchase something on those websites after using my link to get on it, I will get a commission. This doesn’t cost you a thing! Basically, I advertise Book Depository and Wordery on my blog and in return they pay me a small amount of money.

Why Do I Use Affiliate Links?

It’s one of the only ways to make (a little) money with a book blog! Worry not, though. I’m only part of affiliate programs from companies that I use myself and that I love. I would never promote something I don’t 100% love.

Affiliate Links on Books & Babbles

Links to Book Depository and Wordery are always affiliate links, but I’ve marked them all with a * so it’s clear I get a commission. If a post is sponsored or I have received an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) from a publisher, I will clearly state so in the post.