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    Let’s Talk About Audiobooks!

    Hey guys, I’m back with a new video! I’m finally getting out of my reading and blogging slump and thought I’d do a video on one of my favourite things: AUDIOBOOKS! It’s actually crazy I haven’t made a video about this before… Anyway. the video speaks for itself but I needed a place to share this with you and share some info about all the books I mentioned. I hope you enjoy watching the video!

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    Reading Vlog #3: Once And For All, Enchant & Poetry!

    Hiya! I’m back with a new reading vlog today! I’m really happy about this one, because it’s below 15 minutes (finally) and I’m on time with publishing it, unlike last time, hehe! I didn’t vlog very much, as I didn’t real all that often this past week. I did, however, finish three books and I’m so excited about it! More info on the books I’ve read/mentioned in this video are in the post down below. I hope you enjoy watching!

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    Reading Vlog #2 | The Wrath & The Dawn, Disruptor & More!

    Hi guys! Sorry I’m a bit late with this week’s reading vlog! But better late than never, right? I haven’t read all that much this past week, but the books I did read were really great! All NaNoWriMo participants are probably really busy writing their novel, but y’all gotta take a break every now and then! Hopefully this video will be the perfect length for a little break, hehe! I hope you enjoy the video, more information can be found down below!

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    Reading Vlog #1 | Geekerella, Traveler & More!

    Oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever kept a blogging “secret” to myself for so long. I’ve been filming little bits and pieces of my first (hopefully weekly) Reading Vlog over the past week and I managed NOT to talk about it until a few hours ago. Mostly because I was scared I would end up not publishing it, I think. But this morning I sat down to edit, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I really loved making this vlog, and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it!

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    Video: The Ruler of Books Tag

    I made my first video! Well, actually it’s not my first, but it’s my first bookish video for Books & Babbles! The Ruler of Books Tag was simply too exciting to write in a blog post, and I had some time to make a video! I’ve put all the information I mentioned in the video down below! I looked up the cover artists, links to Goodreads for the books I mentioned, etc! I hope you like the video!