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    The Liebster Award

    On a sidenote: the photo has nothing to do with the post! I was tagged to do the Liebster Award by Em from Em’s Corner! (Thank you so much!!!) I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s such a lovely thing! Basically, it’s an award for bloggers, from bloggers. It’s a way to find new blogs! I’ve been giving ten questions to answer, and at the end of the post I’ll pass it on to some other bloggers with ten new questions!

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    30 Bookish Facts

    I don’t usually write a post without having it in my drafts for a week, have it on pending for another two or so, and then have it scheduled for like a month… But for this post, I gladly make the exception! It’s not really a tag (or at least I don’t think it is!) Okay, so, basically, Cait from Paper Fury (who has an amazing blog you should really check out!) came up with these 30 bookish questions. I actually found it on Zoe’s blog Readabilitea¬†(which is such a fun name!) while blog hopping yesterday. Enough with the rambling, time for the questions!

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    Video: The Ruler of Books Tag

    I made my first video! Well, actually it’s not my first, but it’s my first bookish video for Books & Babbles! The Ruler of Books Tag was simply too exciting to write in a blog post, and I had some time to make a video! I’ve put all the information I mentioned in the video down below! I looked up the cover artists, links to Goodreads for the books I mentioned, etc! I hope you like the video!

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    The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

    I was looking to fill a gap in my blogging schedule when I stumbled upon this super fun tag! I love doing tags, and I’ve seen quite a fun ones, but I think this one beats them all! I wasn’t tagged, and I tried finding the original creator, but I couldn’t… Anyway, I’ve just tagged myself, hehe! Let’s just dive straight into the questions.

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    The Epic Reads Tag

    The Epic Reads Tag was created by Epic Reads sometime in January 2015. It’s a YouTube thing, but instead of making a video, I’ll be answering the tag’s questions right here on my blog. Want to know which author I’d invite for tea? Or what book I’d save if my bookshelf caught on fire? Keep on reading!

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    The Book GIF Tag

    I looooooove tags! Usually, I just tag myself in whatever fun tag I can find. But this time I didn’t have to! Nienke from The Daily Planets tagged me to do the Book GIF Tag! She gave me ten books to which I had to respond with a GIF. Oh boy, that was still pretty difficult! Anyway, here’s my GIF tag! I gave no explanation whatsoever, so have fun figuring out what I mean, hehe…

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    The Goodreads Tag

    The Goodreads tag might be a little old, but I still like it very much! I did it once on my old blog and when I was moving reviews and bookish posts to Books & Babbles, I decided to update it. I love Goodreads and I love to talk about it so I answered the questions! Wanna know what I’m up to on Goodreads? Make yourself comfortable and keep reading!