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Hiya! I’m Ayla. I’m 21 years old and from the Netherlands. I’ve been blogging for as long as I can remember (on a very long list of very embarrassing blogs – we don’t talk about those) and I graduated from college last year and can now call myself an Editorial Assistant! Unfortunately, I don’t have an awesome editorial-related job at the moment, but I do fuel my need for writing and editing through my blogs. Yes, plural! I also blog over at Books & Babbles, which is all about Young Adult books.

Books are probably my one true love, but I do really love other things as well! (Obviously…) I’ve pretty much always loved doing my hair, makeup and nails and ever since I starting working at a drugstore, that love has reignited. It might seem a bit odd in comparison to the before-mentioned, but I also love tech! I mean, I’m mostly Apple-obsessed, but I’ve been getting into other kinds of tech lately as well, and it’s super fun! I’m pretty much still finding my way in both these worlds, and I can’t wait to start writing about it! Call it my “journey into the unknown” if you will.

 About The Blog

Damn Mysterious is a blog all about beauty & fashion, lifestyle, tech and entertainment. I know every “How to blog” blog post or article tells you to “just pick a niche!” but I just can’t do it. Trust me, I’ve tried for literally years. The name came from one of my all-time favourite songs, by my all time favourite band (Freak Like Me by Hollywood Ending – I’m still sad they split up!) but I really do feel like my blog name covers what I write about. I’m not that mysterious and my life isn’t really a mystery, but it’s “mysterious” in the sense of “What will I be writing about next?” I do try to keep somewhat of a “niche” but it’s a mystery what my interests will be in a year, or a month, or even a week!

If you’re looking for afforable fashion and/or beauty products, music, tv or movie recommendations, tech stuff and lifestyle-related posts, this is the place for you! I know that’s a whole mouthful, but it’s who am I as a person, and it’s reflecting on my blog. I guess there something to find for everyone?

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