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Major Blog (& Life) Update!

Hey y’all! Welcome to my new blog; Damn Mysterious! So much happened over the past couple of months, including the (rather obvious) name and domain change! I haven’t been very present in the book community as of late. It wasn’t just my blog that was “dead”, my socials were, too. Anyway, I have a lot to tell you, so let’s just dive right in.

Moving Domains

I’d been “struggling” with my previous blog name and domain Books & Babbles for quite a long time. Last year, when my blog turned two, I actually thought of not renewing the domain! It’s not that I don’t like it anymore, I just feel as if it doesn’t cover my blog anymore. I still love books, and I LOVE to babble, but it just didn’t make a lot of sense to me anymore… My “new” domain is actually a bit older than the Books & Babbles domain was. My book blog actually started on Damn Mysterious before I decided to make it a separate blog. I wanted to keep two separate blogs, one for books and one for lifestyle. Does everything still make sense? Anyway, since I’m super crazy busy with college and I can’t review books (bi-)weekly anymore, struggle writing about books at all (as I can barely read them) and have a growing interest in writing about lifestyle related topics, I decided to make the move. Honestly, I have no idea what’ll happen now. Books are my thing. I live and breathe books. I’m not all that good about writing posts like these, and lifestyle is definitely something I haven’t gotten “good” at (yet). I’m excited to head in this new direction, though!


If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember there was a time I blogged full-time, I’d graduated from college and I didn’t have a job, so blogging was all I did. Then I got a job and learned to combine blogging and work. Then I announced I was going back to college, yay! Unfortunately, that “yay” turned into pretty much the biggest “NAY” you can imagine. I love learning new things, I actually really enjoy my Communications course, but the whole study/education thing isn’t for me. I love the extra responsibilities I take on, like being class representative and doing promotional work. I enjoy going to classes as well. But the people… I’ve made some incredible friends and met some great people but working together, being constantly “bothered” by texts from classmates in group chats and just having to be “available” 24/7 really doesn’t do it for me. I’m in a near-constant state of anxiety over the texts I get. Whenever I want to take a day for myself, someone else decides they need me. I can’t catch a break and I have so much trouble just being like “you’ll have to wait till tomorrow” cause not really how society works these days. Also, my latest project went all wrong. I royally f-ed up working with my group and on top of that, I failed almost half of my classes.

Woah, that turned into a rant, my apologies. What I’m trying to say is this; I love college when it comes to learning and doing voluntary “extra” work, but the social aspect of it is not for me at all. My course is four years, and I’m only halfway through the first year. I already feel like I can’t take it anymore and honestly, I much rather just go to work every day. Working at my part-time job these past three weeks has just been a BLESSING. I’ve decided to finish this first year, get my propedeuse (which is like a certificate for finishing your first year with all study credits) and get the hell out of there. I’ve always wanted to do freelance work and I genuinely think that this year will help me gain more skills and experience to finally go for it.

Life Update!

Honestly, my life over the past few months have been college and work. That’s pretty much it. Plus a whole awful lot of bad luck. Gosh darn it, you guys. My dog passed away at the end of November and I’m 90% sure that cute lil cinnamon roll was my lucky charm because ever since that moment, my life has made a turn for the worst. My mom had a wrist surgery so she couldn’t drive her car (and drive me to work and the train station – she’s doing great now, though!), I lost my travel card which caused a whole lot of trouble, I lost my pencil case (got it back now!) and then lost my EQUA water bottle (still lost, *sobs*), and to top it all off, my MacBook DIED a few weeks ago. Fixing it costs me a whole lot of money and I had to send it off to be fixed, which took two weeks. Did I mention that all happened right as all my deadlines came up? My hard drive broke, I had no backup besides what I printed on paper to check for spelling errors and I had to do A LOT of work in only a few short days because obviously, I had to make my deadlines. I made all of them someone, but I got in a lot of trouble with my project group, which sucks. I don’t know how, but I made it through all that somehow!

Thankfully, I still had work. I’ve been working at a local drug store for over a year now and I still enjoy it so, so much. It took me a crazy long time last year to kind of find my place and adjust to the changes. Over the past few months, I feel like I’ve grown much more confident in doing my job, if that makes sense. I just know how things “work” so to speak, and to be quite honest, I rather go to work than go to college. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs, though. But they’ve taught me a lot, like speaking up for myself. And I’ve learned that sometimes, you just really have to let things go. Over the past three weeks, I’ve had time off from college so I worked a lot of extra hours and now I’m actually so sad I go back to college and only work one day a week!

That’s pretty much all there is to life right now. College and work. I’m trying really hard to take more time for myself. Do more fun things, read more, blog more… It’s a struggle, especially with all the bad luck I’ve been having, but I’m going into this new period at college with a positive attitude. There’s quite a lot of anxiety too, but that’ll probably become more manageable as life goes back to “normal”. (Cause seriously, three weeks off college is NOT normal for me, hehe.)

There’s Fun Stuff Too!

Alright, enough complaining and worried, yes?! I have some new obsessions to share. First of all: Mamma Mia! Oh my goodness, I gifted my grandparents the Blu-Ray of both Mamma Mia movies for Christmas and then we watched it with the family on Christmas Day. I wasn’t too excited but oh my goodness, I’M OBSESSED. I love the songs so, so much. It’s all me and my mom listen to in the car, I’m listening to it as I’m writing this and it’s literally been that way since the 25th of December. It makes me so, so happy to have something like this to cheer me up instantly. I’ve also finally caved and watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and what the heck, it’s a new fave! I’m so incredibly glad NBC picked it up after Fox dropped it because it’s my life and I’m literally about to make you all watch it because it’s the absolute BEST. Finally, I’ve read The Wicked King by Holly Black recently and OH MY GODDDD EVERYONE GO READ IT. I’ve got a review going up sometime soon (hopefully) and I already cannot wait to share it with you.

What have you been up to lately? What do you think of my new blog? Let’s chat!

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