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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before | Cutest Rom-Com EVER!?

Oh, my goodness. My heart is SO full of happiness right now. You’re all probably aware of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movie by now, and let me tell you this: it deserves ALL the hype it gets. I’m not really a rom-com person, and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved it so much more than I thought it would. I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve watched this movie. It could be five times, could be ten… WHO KNOWS?! I wouldn’t call this post a review exactly, but here are my thoughts.

Near-Perfect Adaptation

Book to movie adaptations can really scare me. I’m super easy to please (The Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures are two of my favourites… Yep!) but the fact that a book can still be butchered for the sake of turning it into a movie, is a scary thought. I absolutely loved it, though. It was just so, so incredible! I listened to the audiobook last year so it had already come “to life” for me, but I hadn’t expected it to be this good!

I guess I would’ve loved to see more baking (isn’t Jara Lean like… obsessed with that?!) and I feel like Josh was only there for the drama (even though I thought they were more friendly in the book?) and I guess I found Margot a little bit unlikeable, but all others things in the movie made up for it. To be quite honest, Margot saying “the Covey girls” instead of the Song girls didn’t bother me until it was pointed out on Twitter. But I do understand why people wouldn’t like it.

Amazing Cinematography & A Wonderful Soundtrack

Cinematography is a big, fancy word I never thought I’d be using on my blog, but here we are. Seriously, it’s amazing. I guess I didn’t realise until I turned it off and watched something else that it’s almost like there’s some really cool VSCO filter over the entire movie? The colouring is just perfect and it’s so aesthetically pleasing!

You all know I’m pretty much a music junkie and even though this isn’t usually my kind of thing, the soundtrack is perfection. It’s so perfect I would’ve made a playlist for it, but Netflix got us covered! It goes so well with the entire movie. Whoever was in charge of music definitely aced it.

It Was Cast So Well?!

Casting the right actors to play characters originally from books is so, so important. When you read something, you have this image in your mind and if an adaptation is way off, it can just ruin the whole thing. At first, I was like “doesn’t Peter have blond hair!?” (I’m still not sure, it’s been too long since I’ve read it!) but OH MY GOD, Noah Centineo is the PERFECT Peter. *Swoons* but let’s talk about Lana Condor because woah, she’s AH-MAZING?! I know she’s not half Korean like LJ is, but I love her so much. She lives and breathes Lara Jean. Finally, I love how they are both in their early twenties and not just two older actors playing high school characters.

I wasn’t very fond of Josh – Like I said, I felt like he was there just for the dramatics – but I liked him in the end! He’s super cute. Although, I struggled to keep him and Peter apart from each other. Oops? I also wasn’t sure about Janel Parrish as Margot. Maybe that’s because I knew her from Pretty Little Liars? I wish I could explain it better. I loved Kitty & Dr. Covey, though!

The Likes & Could’ve-Been-Betters

*** SPOILER ALERT!!!! ***

The Likes:
– Lara Jean & Peter couldn’t have been more perfect together!
–  They didn’t have to involve their families in their fake dating, but they did
– Details! I’m not actually sure if this was a little extra detail or a mistake, but at one point LJ’s necklace has shifted so the clasp is super visible and that’s so real and relatable because it happens to me ALL the time!
– “Are you sure she doesn’t just have a chemical imbalance?” *Ayla laughs hysterically*
– Chris was just the best? LIKE CAN I BE HER, PLEASE?!

The Could’ve-Been-Betters:
– Little “mistakes” were too visible. LJ’s hair after she faints was different in the next shot and when Peter takes her to a party and promises papa Covey to have her home ‘on time’ his phone says it’s 12:18 when they arrivedOops?
– Not enough baking?! I feel like Lara Jean baked ALL the time in the book, while she only bakes cupcakes for Kitty’s bake sale in the movie? 
– I understand LJ’s fear of driving, but did she have to park the car that specific way in the end?! AHH!!
– I struggled liking Margot. I wish she was more likeable!

I am utterly obsessed with this movie. I’m really not a rom-com kind of person and I definitely didn’t expect to like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before so much! Even if you didn’t like the book or if it’s “not your thing” give it a try. It’s so much more than just a silly teenage love story. It’s funny and cute but there are also some serious, important conversations that are just so relatable so and important!

Have you watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before yet? What did you think? Have you watched it more than once?

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