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L’Oréal Botanicals | Soothing & Hydrating Hair Care With Lavender!

I finally discovered my holy grails when it comes to hair care products! L’Oréal Botanicals Fresh Care is a range of products made with different botanical ingredients; from safflower and camelina to geranium and lavender. Since I’m seriously into lavender and my hair is very, very fine (and quite fragile) and decided to try the soothing and hydrating lavender line.

Botanicals Fresh Care

The Botanicals range has of five different lines of products: safflower, camelina, coriander, geranium and lavender. They each serve a different purpose so if you’d like to know more, definitely check out L’Oréal Paris’ website! I have actually used the geranium line for coloured hair a long time ago but since I’m currently using the lavender products, that’s what I’ll be talking about today.

The lavender line consists of four products; a pre-shampooing oil, a shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. The products are vegan and free of sulfates, silicones, parabens and colourants. Even though that’s not the main reason I wanted to try this line, knowing this still makes me so happy! What makes me happier still, is the fact that these products contain lavender essential oil! I’m obsessed with the smell of lavender and I just can’t get enough of it.

A Luxurious Experience

Using the Botanicals line gives me such a fancy feeling. It’s like I’m going to the salon every single week! The bottles and containers are all matchy-matchy and they look so good! Also, the fact that it isn’t just a shampoo and conditioner (but an oil and mask as well) adds to the experience. When I’m using this stuff, I really take my time! It’s not just jumping under the shower and washing my hair; it’s a real self-care moment.

The Products

The pre-shampooing oil might be my absolute favourite thing in the world. It felt really, really strange at first to put oil directly onto my scalp because that’s something you should never do. But now I’ve gotten used to it, I actually look forward to using it every week. It’s the start of my little hair care moment! I’ll put this on about 15 minutes before I plan on hopping into the shower. A little goes a long way and you really only need to put a few drops into your hand before applying it to your hair. Also, it smells absolutely divine!

I love how the shampoo bottle holds 400ml and has a pump! I always struggle with the amount of shampoo I should put in my hand when I have to squish it out of a “regular” bottle and it would be even worse with a bottle this size. I use about three to four pumps and that’s the perfect amount for my hair. It lathers so nicely and the smell is – again – amazing. With some other shampoos, my hair often feels rough. Like it was stripped of all that made it even a little bit silky and soft but that hasn’t happened with this one (yet)!

The conditioner and hair mask work wonderfully. Although I’m not sure if you should alternate between using them or if it’s okay to use them both like I do… Hehe! The conditioner on its own will actually be enough, but I like using them both to really take care of my hair. After I’m done, my hair just feels so incredibly soft!

None of the products weigh my hair down like other stuff sometimes does and they all have this incredible lavender scent that seriously calms me down while simultaneously taking care of my hair. Instead of being limp and impossible to deal with, my hair is bouncy and textured! I also don’t have as much tangles as I usually do, which is always a plus.

The Final Verdict

I am utterly obsessed with the Botanicals range. Even though I decided not to get more of the geranium line years ago when I ran out of product, I’m glad I decided to give the lavender one a try. It doesn’t take care of my coloured hair, but I’m using it specifically for my fine and fragile hair, and it’s been working miracles. Even though the products are a bit pricey compared to what I used to get (around €10 per product, so €40 for the whole set) it’s so worth it. They’re often on sale as well, so I got mine for only €20! I’m definitely stocking up next time there’s a sale because this is the kind of stuff I never want to run out of ever again! 

Have you ever tried the Botanicals stuff? What’s your holy grail amongst hair care products? 

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