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My Goodreads Reading Challenge – Will I Reach My Goal?!

At the beginning of this year, I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 75 books. The number is pretty much right in the middle of my two previous challenges, and it felt right. Then I slipped from one reading slump into the other and even my summer holiday wasn’t able to help me catch up. Since I’m about to go back to college, and my reading time will be much less, I’ve decided to have a good look at my reading; Will I be able to reach my goal?

I’m 4 Books Behind

Four books isn’t a lot. Especially when you pick up some (e-)novellas or graphic novels. Or when you just take a few days to read shorter books from start to finish. Technically, I could catch up. But staying on track is going to be a struggle. I’m expecting to have less free time than I’ve ever had! Do I really have time to read 35 books before the end of the year while simultaneously work on college and go to my job? I seriously doubt it.

But There’s So Much To Read!

I made a list of all the books I “hope” to be reading soon, and it has about fifteen books on it. It includes audiobooks I plan to listen to, books that I’ve (pre)ordered online and are still coming my way. Plus some eBooks I haven’t gotten to yet and a bunch of rereads. But then I’m still twenty short. I’ll probably pick up some more books along the way and I’m hoping to get my hands on some ARCs, but that’s still a lot of books.

I hear you guys yelling in my head, obviously “How can you not get your hands on twenty books?!” Well, first of all, there’s the money issue. Second, there’s just no time to read them all and third and this one’s gonna make you gasp, probably my TBR isn’t that big anymore. At least not at the moment. Explaining why and how will take too long and could probably be a blog post on its own – but it is how it is!

What I’ll Be Reading Next

I’m still many books away from reaching even my new challenge, so I won’t name them all but there are a bunch that I’m just super excited about! I am going to attempt to reread the entire Throne of Glass series and finish it off with Kingdom of Ash in November since that’s when I’ll get it, according to Amazon. I’ve also ordered Legendary by Stephanie Garber recently and I’m way too excited about that one! There’s also Vengeful by Victoria Schwab that I’m excited about. And we’re getting Queen of Air & Darkness by Cassandra Clare in December! I’m excited about way too many books, so you’ll have to keep your eye on my monthly Bookish Bulletin posts and/or Goodreads to see what I’m actually reading.

Changing My Goal

Will I reach my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal? Hell yes! I’m lowering my goal for this first time ever, which feels odd and quite saddening if I’m honest. But it’s for the best. Instead of 75, I’m setting my challenge to 60. I’d rather surprise myself in the end by still reading 70 books than have “only” read 70 books but not reach my challenge goal. If that makes any sense? Reading should always be fun, never stressful.

What about your reading challenge? Did you set a goal at the start of the year? Are you behind, or ahead? Let’s chat!

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