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Book Babble Revisited: Audiobooks!

Back when I was still a newbie book blogger, I did bookish discussions and called them “Book Babbles.” After I got back from my hiatus, I kind of let go of that name and just came up with individual titles for discussions, but I recently read a bunch of them for new blogging inspiration and to see if any of my opinions had changed and I realised my audiobooks post could use a part two! Hence why I decided to revisit my Book Babble and do a new discussion post on audiobooks!

Before you dive into this post, it might be a good idea to quickly read my original Book Babble on audiobooks!

Listening vs. Reading

Audiobooks are great because, for the few times I did travel over the past year or so, I didn’t need to bring a physical book. I could just bring my phone with Audible or Storytel and that’s it! It’s super convenient. I still very much love to actually read because I can stick to my own pace and create character’s voices in my head. I also pick up an actual book much more quickly than I pick up an audiobook. This doesn’t make me love audiobooks any less, though! I think I love them both equally.

Another thing I wrote about nearly two years ago is how I always found something about a narrator that put me off or annoyed me. That’s so different now! Most of the time, the narrator actually adds to the experience of the book. Christian Coulson is the perfect Monty in The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue and I am obsessed with Six of Crows because the SEVEN(!!!) narrators that tell the story are all just incredible. Basically, I am a MESS for audiobook narrators. Because they’re just that good. (Most of them are, anyway… Hehe!)


I was still quite new at audiobooks when I first wrote about them and I definitely struggled sometimes. You just can’t always concentrate. I’ve definitely learned to focus better, though! I can cook and eat while listening to a book (which was definitely a struggle at first – but now I can even read simple instructions as I listen!) I can also easily tidy my bedroom and do other chores as I listen to a book. My room has actually never been tidied more! You have to learn to listen to audiobooks, basically. Just like how you learn to read. It takes some time and effort and patience, but it’s so worth it in the end! I think my better focus is the biggest difference between then and now and in my love for audiobooks. You need to learn to appreciate them! Also, I feel learning to focus better actually helped me improve it in general? I feel like I can focus on tasks much longer than I could before I learned to listen to audiobooks.

Pricing & Services

Audiobooks are still pricey, there’s no changing that, unfortunately! I never had an active Storytel subscription for more than two months at a time, but I guess the main reason was that I just couldn’t afford it when I didn’t go to college and didn’t have a job? With my current job, I could easily afford a subscription to Storytel, or even Audible, if I wanted to. I guess it depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten lots of audiobooks through Audible because I had a discounted membership and they have so many sales! The thing is: you don’t have any access to those without an active membership. It’s not like “Oh, this is on sale so I’ll get a membership!” because you won’t be able to see prices. That kind of sucks, actually! I’ve also tried a whole bunch of different audiobook services, and Audible is definitely number one, followed by Storytel! The others really aren’t worth my time.

Something that made me a little sad, is how I decided not to get any kind of subscription while I lived on my own during my internship. I thought it wouldn’t be worth it and at the time I didn’t care, but looking back I feel like I just missed out! I was on my own so much, it would’ve been great to have an audiobook as “company!” and it’s perfect for the daily commute to work, no matter if it was only like an hour total a day. (I was used to 2,5+ hours a day, so… It kinda made sense? Hehe!)

So, What’s Changed?

I’m A LOT more positive about audiobooks than I was before. I don’t know how or why or even when that even happened, honestly.  I guess I just learned to appreciate them and over time I kind of got “obsessed”? The Audible sales definitely helped, though, haha! I guess the biggest change is that I’ve taught myself to listen to audiobooks. That sounds a little weird to me, but it’s true. Maybe it’s different for people whose first language is English and they don’t have to translate what they’re hearing, but I really had to get used to listening someone read to me. I had to learn how to focus and I had to figure out things like reading speed and the length of the sleep timer. A few years ago, I didn’t even realise these things mattered. Now, they’re actually quite important things to consider when I start a new book!

What do you think of audiobooks? Do you listen to them? Should I do another “Book Babble Revisited” sometime? Let’s chat in the comments!




  • Fanna

    Wow, you just always make me feel at a loss when I hear about your love for audiobooks! 😀 The narrators are the biggest factor that make me sceptical about listening to books. Like if the narrator isn’t perfect, I’m going to hate the book even if it was the best story out there. Though, I do want to give more audiobooks a try because how will I find the best ones otherwise 🙂

  • dominique_x

    Ah great post! I really love audiobooks, I used to have a storytell subscription and I listened to amazing books, unfortunately I cannot afford another 9,99 per month anymore ;( I also love these book babble revisted posts.

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