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Remember when I did a Waiting on Wednesday post on Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh? I was just so excited about this book! I mean, the main character is a necromancer and there’s #OwnVoices bisexual rep. How cool is that?! Way before I even got my Audible credit, I knew what I’d be spending it on. I listened to the audiobook and I loved it a whole lot. Anyway, let’s get on with the review, it feels way overdue already!

“Maybe I don’t understand farewells because that’s not what they’re really saying. Their murmurs and embraces seem to mean: see you later.”

My Review

I loved Reign of the Fallen from the very first chapter. It’s a really interesting story and I was intrigued from the start. Unfortunately, I did miss some small details. This is entirely my own fault, and it sometimes just happens when I listen to audiobooks. I’d be a few hours in and think “oh, this was probably mentioned or explained within the first half our of the book…” But it didn’t ruin my experience at all. The book was really easy to follow and I found you didn’t always need all the details to make sense of things.

The characters are probably what made me love Reign of the Fallen most. Odessa is far from flawless, and I love that about her. Also, can I just mention I really love her name!? Anyway, some terrible things happen to her and she doesn’t respond the way I expected her to. One of the deaths quite early on annoyed me at first. I figure out over the past few months that I really dislike unnecessary death. This one wasn’t unnecessary at all, though. It was actually very well done.

For a long time, I didn’t really know what the actual plot was. Nothing much was happening but in the end, it just made a lot of sense. It was mostly focused on the characters and their development. It was realistic, and I guess I even prefer it over an action-packed plot for this book. There was definitely more happening towards the end, but the worked perrfectly for me.

There a few things I want to mention that I just really loved. Like a princess with glasses! I mean, I wear glasses myself and I love them, but during high school, I wore contacts for a while because I really hated them. The books I read back then didn’t have any characters with glasses, especially not royalty! It’s sort of something I didn’t know I needed? Does that make sense? I just really loved it. Also, the language of flowers had a small-ish part to play in this book and it’s just so interesting! When I did Camp NaNoWriMo last year, my entire story was based upon the language of flowers and it’s been my favourite thing ever since. It’s such a fun element in the story!

As for the audiobook’s narration by Alex McKenna; it wasn’t super special, but she’s a great narrator! I think she was a great match for Odessa’s character and she gave the other characters different voices, which made it quite easy to identify them. I would definitely listened to this book again!

My Rating

I’m really positive about this book and I absolutely love it but for now, I’m going to rate it four out of five stars. I might change this rating to a five if I ever manage to read the physical book and love it even more than I already do, but I think this is a good rating for the audiobook.

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  • Katherine @ Paperbackdreamer

    Great review!
    I was torn about this book, I’ve heard a few mixed reviews so was waiting to read some more before I brought it but I think I will be for sure purchasing this ASAP 🙂
    (lol even tho I’m on a book ban but who knows???)

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