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My Bookish 2017 in Stats | One Hundred Books!

Although I’m not that good at math and I rather read words than numbers, I’m always really interested in statistics. I try not to look at my blog’s stats too often, because it can be discouraging, but my 2017 reading statistics have really interested me for a while now because I’ve read so many different books. English, Dutch, paperbacks, hardbacks, eBooks, ARCs… You name it! I thought it would be fun to see some numbers about my reading year, so here they are! Including pie charts, of course, because I really like those.

First & Last, Longest & Shortest

Goodreads has a fun little feature which shows you all kinds of fun facts about your reading year. My first book of the year was All The Bright Places by Jeniffer Niven. I honestly don’t think I would’ve known that if it wasn’t for Goodreads! My last book was Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. This one was fairly easy to remember, of course, but still good to know, hehe! My shortest book was Green Tea by Sheridan Le Fanu, which had 53 pages and was quite unexpected! I’ve read a few short classics this year and thought The Little Prince would be the shortest! Well, I guess not. My longest book of the year has 800 pages (oh my god…) and that was Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix.

English vs. Dutch

I read 80 English books this year. Only 20 of the books I read this year were Dutch books, and they were all translations. I did read some originally Dutch books for internship last year, but they didn’t pique my interest enough to get more of them. I’m actually quite proud of this! Most Dutch books I read because of my internship (there’s quite a few Children’s books in there!) or because of YALFest NL, for which I got some Dutch books as well. I do want to read a few more Dutch books this year, but I usually buy English books because they’re a bit cheaper.



This is the probably my favourite part of the posts, because I’ve “read” in so many different formats this year! Hardbacks, paperbacks, eBooks, audiobooks… I’ve counted ARCs and manuscripts as a separate “format”. I honestly can’t explain why. Anyway, check the graph on the left! I felt as if I’ve read way more eBooks, but of course most of the ARC/manuscripts I’ve read were digital, so that explains it. It makes perfect sense that most books I read were paperbacks, as most Dutch books aren’t published as hardbacks at all, and the few books I managed to buy in 2017 were mostly paperbacks as well.



This one was super confusing because I counted all the books and never got to 100! Then I realised I read some books twice and… well… It made sense! Or at least, a little. One book is still missing! Hehe! Anyway, I haven’t given any book a 1-star rating! There are a bunch of books that I didn’t rate on purpose, and a bunch that I should’ve rated but didn’t… Oops! Anyway, the Goodread stats thingy had 97 books in it, and here’s how I rated them! I might seem very luck with so many good books that most of my ratings are 4 or 5 stars (and I am!) but I’m also very picky and usually only pick up a book when I’m most certain I will love it. Anyway, I’m aiming for more of such positive ratings/reviews in 2018!


Page Length

I read a lot of very long books this year. Okay, the definition of a “long book” is different for everyone but I still think I read mostly long books, and the pie chart agrees with me! I feel like most of the books I’ve read over the past months were all about 480 pages. Like, at one point in scared me just how many books had this page number at the end!? Hahah! Audiobooks are included, as I just Googled their page numbers. The things I do for this blog, ya’ll! Like I said before, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix was the longest book, but the Dark Artifices books I read this year were really long as well! Just like A Court of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. And I also read most of those books in like a month… That makes it even crazier that I managed to finish a 100 books! EEEKKK!!

I had so much fun researching my reading stats for 2017! I think I might actually make it an annual thing because it’s actually way more interesting than I thought, hehe! Maybe I should think of more categories/things to count and make pie charts of…

What do you think, should I do this annually? Is there anything I haven’t counted that I should have? What are your reading stats like?



  • Brittany

    Great Stats! I love stuff like this too, though I was a Math major so at least I have an excuse 😉 haha

    Congrats on 100 books! Thats awesome!

  • dominique_x

    Ah this was such a fun blogpost to read. I really like statistics and graphs, especially when it is about reading, haha. It is so cool that you read so many different formats, I want to read more E-books, because they are cheaper and my bookshelf is tooo full, haha.

  • Lara

    I love reading stats like this! It’s so interesting to see what sort of books you’ve read all in nice wee graphs and charts. You should definitely do this annually!

  • Signourney

    I love seeing my own and other people’s stats.I always find it interesting to see how I have rated over the year or what release year most of my read books had. So much fun to compare it to other years too!

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