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The 2017 (Blog) Wrap Up

It’s crazy to think that 2017 has pretty much come to an end and we’re so close to 2018. My life at the beginning and at the end of the year are so incredibly different! At the beginning of this year, I was still in college, I was doing my publishing internship and I wasn’t really blogging. Then I graduated, blogged full time for a few months and eventually found a job. My life probably has never changed so much! Today, I want to look back on this (bookish) year and share some of my favourites things.

Year In Review

Like I said, I started my year still in the middle of my publishing internship. January started out quite crazy, with (my first) bookish release party (and second bookish event ever) for Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth in a bookshop. I also had my last full day in college that same month! I also lived on my own until the end of April while I did my last few months of internship, which ended with a bang: YALFest 2017. It was amazing to be on the organising side of it! I didn’t see much of the event itself, but I attended the press conference (at which I even got some authors their coffee. It was the best, hehe!)

My move back home took only two trips back and forth, and before I knew it, I was back at my “real” home. I finished my portfolio and other exams and because of that, I got so much free time. I started blogging again, and read a whole lot of books! All the stress from nine months of internship and three years of college came out in the strangest of ways, and I got terribly ill for quite a while. I decided to sort of let it come over me and take it easy for a bit, before finding a job. It has honestly worked miracles for me, although it had it’s downside: loneliness, no income and a different kind of stress and anxiety I’d never felt before.

I spend most of the year “imprisoned” at home. It’s not something I like(d) to talk about, but it happened. I didn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to meet, so I didn’t do much. I went out with my mom for time to time, but she had to go to work! It was the worst at the end of summer, I remember just not leaving my house for 2,5 weeks! It was beyond depressing. I’m currently in my second week at my new job and even though the first day wasn’t a very good one, and I’ve had a lot of anxiety about it, I’m quite happy with the way things are, and how they’re going to be in the new year. I’ve had my highest highs and lowest lows, but I’m quite happy about how this year went.

The Blog

I started blogging in May last year, which only lasted a couple of months and didn’t always go very well. I blogged a lot in August 2016 and then stopped because college and my internship got too much. I didn’t put any effort into blogging most of the time because I didn’t have that many readers and I felt like no one was reading my content, anyway. I got back from my hiatus in May of this year, and I’m happy to say I’ve blogging for about eight months straight now. A new record for me and all of my previous blogs!

I’ve learned so much about books, blogging and the community. I’ve made such incredible bookish/blogger friends and I’m so happy about all the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Comment/email management is something I’m definitely still trying to get used to, just like actually commenting on other people’s blogs. (I’m so sorry for my lack of comments left on other blogs!) but I’m slowly getting there.

This year has been so wonderful when it comes to books and blogging! I received my first ARC through Netgalley this year, blogged every weekday during all of October, did a series on audiobooks I’m beyond proud of and wrote this post about taking control of your TBR that’s probably my favourite post I’ve ever written. Of course, I also did a few Reading Vlogs, which I’m hoping to pick up again in 2018. My reviews have gotten so much better and I already cannot wait for what 2018 will bring!

Favourite Books

When you’ve read a 100 books, it’s incredibly difficult to pick just a few favourites. I wasn’t originally going to include favourite books in this post, but I’ve decided to do so anyway! Two of my favourite audiobooks were Geekerella by Ashley Posten and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. Of course, I also have to mention the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab! I read the eBooks on my iPad and I cannot wait to have these on my shelf in the next year. Let’s not forget Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare and Our Dark Duet also by V.E. Schwab! Finally, I also really loved A Court of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. I’m quite far behind on 2017 releases, but I’ll be catching up in the next year! I’m also (obviously) forgetting a lot of books because I’ve just read SO MANY!

Favourite Bookish People

I want to end this post with some shoutouts of my favourite bookish people (in no particular order). Lara @ Words With Lara and Do @ What Do Reads are two of the loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this year. I always look forward to reading their comments and chatting with them! I should really comment on their posts more! There’s also Jenny @ Jenny In Neverland. I love reading her blog and she runs a wonderful blog tour business! I have her tweet about my Bookstagram screenshotted on my phone because it’s one of my favourite tweets ever. Finally, I want to give a shoutout to Annemieke @ A Dance With Books! She’s just a lovely person that I love to chat with and I was so excited to be included in her Christmas Reads post! I’m probably forgetting quite a few people, but please know I’m really glad to have met everyone I’ve talked to this year, you all really changed my life for the better.

How was your 2017? Any achievements that you’re proud of? Are you looking forward to 2018?




  • Signourney

    I’m glad to hear you are enjoying yourself at your job now. I understand the loneliness. It is hard when for some reason you end up stuck at home. Hello walls.

    Thanks for the shoutout. I enjoy talking with you as well. 😀

    • Ayla

      Being stuck at home is the worst! I honestly think the hardest part of my new job was getting used to leaving the house often and seeing/meeting so many people all of a sudden!

  • Lara

    Yay! Thanks for mentioning me, and thank you for always posting such fabulous posts! I’m glad I found your blog and got to know you this year. One of my accomplishments for 2017 is definitely restarting my blog and actually manage to stick to it!

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