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2017 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

You might know I’ve been doing a personal reading challenge this year. It’s my third time doing the Goodreads challenge, but I wanted something more than to just read a set amount of books. Unfortunately, I got bored with it quite early on because I realised some goals were impossible to check off and others were too easily done. However, I still wanted to do this wrap up, just to, well… wrap it up, hehe! Out of the seven categories, I managed to finish five and I’m really happy about this accomplishment!


For the first few months of the year, I really enjoyed the challenge. I was ticking off books in different categories, seeing how I was reading all kinds of different books. Then categories became too easy to finish and I got bored. I somehow managed to read over fifteen 2017 releases this year even though I barely bought any books! I had a lot of time to read this year, but barely any money to buy them. I listened to a lot of audiobooks, though. I’m sure that’s how I managed to get my hands on so many of them.

Other categories were more difficult to finish, I only finished three classics recently. Reading graphic novels was a disaster. I just couldn’t afford them, except for the Clockwork Princess graphic novel when it was on sale. I wanted to read five and read… one. It wasn’t like the goals weren’t realistic. I just didn’t have the resources to reach them all.

Also, it’s not very likely I’ll be doing something like this again. A year ago, when I created this challenge, I felt like I needed it to help me read more different kinds of books. However, I discovered I didn’t need it. I didn’t get books to reach these goals, I bough them out of interest. Yes, my goal was to read three classics, but I didn’t buy them for that reason. I bought them because I’m interested and actually wanted to read them, you know? And the reason I set a goal for new/’17 releases was because I felt like I spend all year last year catching up, as I’d just started reading more. It wasn’t necessary at all!


Like I said, my reading challenge has seven categories, of which I managed to finish five. I’m really proud of this accomplishment! I’m not going to name all the books, as you can find them on my Reading Challenge page and at my Goodreads Reading Challenge, but I will say something about each of the categories.

15 New/’17 Releases. This one was crazy easy to finish as I got a Storytel subscription for a few months and they had a surprising amount of new releases! Of course I also did an internship at a publisher which made it a bit easier to get my hands on new releases, hehe!

5 Contemporaries. I read mainly fantasy, but I really enjoy contemporary as well! I never really picked them up, though. Most contemporaries I bought this year, I bought because of the challenge in the back of my mind, but also because of genuine interest. My favourite was probably Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall! (Also, yes, I read more than five!)

5 Graphic Novels. Well, this was a disaster, ha! I only managed to get the Clockwork Princess graphic novel for cheap, but that’s it. The reason I wanted to read five because there are so many graphic novels I’d love to read! There’s a whole Legend of Zelda series, and I found a bunch that I’m really excited about. Hopefully I’ll get to them next year.

3 Classics. I didn’t read any “long” books by the Bröntes or Jane Austen, but I did manage to read three of them. I got two Little Black Classics, and a Wordsworth Children’s Classic of The Little Prince. I really loved that one!

5 Finished Series. I was so close to finish this one! But not close enough… hehe! I wasn’t going to count rereads and duologies as series, but eventually I did and that’s how I’ve finished four out of five. I’m actually quite happy with this! Also, I’ve gotten about halfway through A Series of Unfortunate Events! It’s a big series, so maybe I should count it as a half?

3 Recommendations. With social media these days, I feel like you could count everything as a rec, but there’s only two I really consider being recommended to me by close friends. I’m actually surprised I read them, by the way! I’m super picky and don’t easily pick up a rec’ed book!

5 Dutch Books. I hadn’t read many Dutch books after I “switched” to English, but my internship really made me appreciate them more. In the end, I’ve actually doubled the amount of books I set for this challenge! Mostly because of my internship, but also because my mom bought some Dutch YA. Actually, I also purchased some Dutch books myself, which is almost like a miracle.

 Wrapping It Up

Again, I’m honestly only doing this for the sake of rapping things up properly. I’ve been keeping up with it only because it was on my blog and public. If I’d done this in a notebook, I’d probably already quit a long time ago. I loved reading so many different kinds of books, but the challenge was so unnecessary! I might do something like this again in the future but I’ll be making it more difficult for myself! Or I’ll just do a challenge for a month instead of a year… I am doing Beat The Backlist, however, so maybe that’ll help me find joy in reading challenges like this again? Who knows!

Did you do a reading challenge this year? How did it go? And are you doing a challenge in 2018?

PS. My Reading Challenge page used to be accessible through my menu bar, but I’ve removed it. You can only get to the page by clicking on the link mentioned earlier in this post!





  • dominique_x

    Nice to read about your reading wrap-up. I didn’t do a reading challenge this year, I only set my goal on 50 books, but I’ve read more than 90 now!! My goal for 2018 is to read more Dutch books (especially from Dutch authors). I also want to read more classics and books from diverse authors, I am very interested in the 19th century and the post-colonial period, so I want to read more books about those periods.

    • Ayla

      That’s amazing! My first goal was 50 as well, and now I’m close to a hundred so we’ve probably read about the same amount of books. 🙂

      The books you want to read next year sound so interesting! I’d never really think about books like that, but you’ve actually made me quite curious, hehe! 😉

  • Signourney

    I had my own reading challenges, some similar like yours like finishing some series but also a list of books that I really wanted to read in 2017. I think I managed about half of my total goals. Maybe? Sort of? I mean it is all about what you count. Duologies totally count as series in my book. 😉

    • Ayla

      Finishing half of your goals is still a wonderful achievement! It’s definitely up to you which books you do and do not count, even if it’s just one book towards one challenge! I’m usually kind of weird when it comes to counting books towards certain challenges, hehe! 😉

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