The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli | This Girl’s A Dragon-Slayer?!

I got The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli in a Fairyloot box and I couldn't wait to read it! Of course, I had to write a spoiler free review.

When Fairyloot announced its “Ladies That Slay” November box and mentioned the book would feature dragons, I knew I just had to get it. I was so excited I found The Last Namsara when I opened the box! It has this gorgeous exclusive cover and the inside is just as wonderful! It took me a while to fully get into the story, but in the end I love it so, so much. Here’s my spoiler free review.

“Everything dies,” he whispered back. “I’m afraid of so much more than dying.”

My Review

It took me nearly 250 pages to get into The Last Namsara. I’d heard so many great things, but it just didn’t deliver? The beginning was slow, to say the least. I wouldn’t say it put me in a reading slump, but it took effort to pick up this book. I carried it around in my book sleeve whenever I left the house, but I don’t think I ever picked it up. This slow progress bothered me so, so much. The Last Namsara wasn’t bad at all, I liked it! Eventually I planned on just finishing it in one day, but I sat down one evening to read at least a few chapters and suddenly I was hooked on the story I read all night until 1AM, and finished it.

The Last Namsara is all about a girl who slays dragons. Like I said, the beginning was slow, but once I got past that, it was so great! Asha, the main character, lures these dragons with Old – forbidden – Stories and it was just so interesting! I didn’t really know what to think of Asha for the most part, but then there was this big plot twist and… woah. I also love how multiple generations of people come into play in the story. Some of the stories are/seem ancient, but then some others are actually not. It’s so magical. The only “critique” I have about them is that I wish there were more, hehe! Also, I sometimes didn’t really see a connection between the “normal” chapters and stories. Some were really easy to “connect” while others felt a bit too random.

As for the other characters… Gods, I hated Jarek. And I don’t say that often. He made me so, so angry and asdfghjkl… I don’t have the words. Asha’s father, the king, was nearly just as bad. Of course there were also characters I loved, like Safire and Torwin! Although, I still don’t really know how I feel about him. Just like Asha’s brother, Dex. What’s up with him? I actually cannot wait how their stories continue in the second book in the series, though!

The Last Namsara is only the second dragon book I’ve read, but I absolutely loved it. I’m thinking of something to say about them without spoiling the story, but… I just don’t know how! There’s some unexpected and cute and heartbreaking moments with dragons and my love for them just grew a billion sizes. As you could’ve read in my review of Before She Ignites, I was never really that into dragons until a while ago, so reading this book was really wonderful in that regard.

My Rating

Although I really struggled through the first half of The Last Namsara, I really loved it! The last half really saved it from its downfall and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series when it comes out.

About The Last Namsara

Once there was a girl who was drawn to wicked things . . .

Asha is a dragon-slayer. Reviled by the very people she’s sworn to protect, she kills to atone for the wicked deed she committed as a child – one that almost destroyed her city, and left her with a terrible scar.

But protecting her father’s kingdom is a lonely destiny: no matter how many dragons she kills, her people still think she’s wicked.

Even worse, to unite the fractured kingdom she must marry Jarek, the cruel commandant. As the wedding day approaches, Asha longs for freedom.

Just as it seems her fate is sealed, the king offers her a way out: her freedom in exchange for the head of the most powerful dragon in Firgaard.

And the only person standing in her way is a defiant slave boy . . .

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Do you like dragons? Have you read The Last Namsara?

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  • Lara

    I’m glad this book picked up a bit towards the second half!! I like the sound of those but I feel like I’m not in the mood for a book like this right now… this sounds like the sort of book that you definitely need to be in the mood for! Was the rest of the FairyLoot box good? I’d love to get one someday

    • Ayla

      Yeah, the second half definitely saved the book! I do feel like it’s a book you gotta be in the mood for. I wasn’t really interested in the book at all until I guessed it was in a Fairyloot box and that’s what made me excited but I’m honestly not sure if I would’ve picked up the book if it wasn’t in it, if that makes sense! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, but I definitely recommend waiting for a bit if you’re not in the mood for it at the moment. 😉

      I did an an unboxing for the box this book was in, you can check it out here if you want! I really loved it! 🙂

  • Sophie Alex

    I wish there had been more of the ancient stories too because they were actually so good! I agree about Dex! I thought he didn’t have much development nor time on the page, same with Safire, but he seemed a little off?? even if he is supposed to be on the good side.
    I read the beginning of your review and panicked because I’d thought you’d hated it! I personally was engaged all the way through, from the moment I read that FIRST, gripping ancient story. My heart and attention were in as soon as I did. I’m glad you ended up loving it in the end!!

    • Ayla

      I was thinking about this the other day (me taking so long to REALLY get into a book) and I think it has happened to most books I’ve picked up over the last few weeks! I guess it’s just somethings that’s happening to me now and will eventually end (like a reading slump except not really) because I’m quite sure I would actually love it from the beginning if I’d read it again! I definitely kept reading the book because of all these ancient stories! They were so wonderful and they’re one of my favourite things about the book! 🙂

  • dominique_x

    Nice and honest review. I am very curious about The Last Namsara, everyone seems quite positive about it 🙂 I haven’t read any book about dragons yet, so I think that will be cool to explore.

    • Ayla

      I’m sure you’ll love it! I hadn’t read any Dragon books before Before She Ignites & The Last Namsara and I felt like I wouldn’t like it at all, but I was so wrong! I really hope you’ll enjoy it if you ever pick it up! 😉

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