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Behind the Books: November ’17 | It Was My Birthday!

Hi ya’ll! I haven’t been very active on the blog or my Twitter, but I’ve got some things scheduled for the next couple weeks so I guess I can sort of say that “I’m back!” I’m not gonna lie, the past month has been a bit of a struggle. Things are looking up now, though, and I guess that’s what matters! Anyway, I’ve got some exciting things to share today. so let’s just go straight into the blog!

The Blog

I am so incredibly happy to be back in my normal schedule! Blogging so much in October was a lot of fun, really. But it wasn’t for me. With my regular schedule, I never have to “force” myself to blog because I work ahead A LOT. I just didn’t have the for that in October to basically I was on my computer EVERY. DAY. trying to finish things that should’ve been online hours before and it was just… so stressful, ha!

So, thankfully I’m back to my “regular” blogging and it’s so exciting! I did “miss” some scheduled post because I’ve been have been quite busy and I’ve just been through a lot. Most of the post for the remainder of this month are scheduled, and I’m working on December posts already. This last month and a half of the year are going to be so much fun!

I also started doing reading vlogs! I’ve done three so far and you can find them on my YouTube channel. I haven’t done one last week because I was really busy, and I’m sorry to say I’m not sure I’ll have one next week, but we’ll just have to wait and see! Trust me, I’m really excited about this new project, but it hasn’t been working out the way I want it to…

A Personal Update

It was my birthday this month! And my mom’s birthday was two days after mine, so basically I spend a lot of time with my family, hehe! It was also quite busy around these days. My friend came over unexpectedly, I had to get groceries for the b-days, bake cakes and prepare all the other stuff, then the day between our birthdays I was so exhausted I spend half the day in bed… When things finally calmed down, I had some time for myself, but then I went to Ikea this past Monday and basically, life has been CRAZY. I also haven’t really had time to take care of important stuff like finding a job.. Which stresses me out beyond anything. Since today, I’m really working on it again, though! Wish me luck, hehe! I’ve also started NaNoWriMo, by the way! And then I decided to change my project, and then I quit a few days later because it just wasn’t working out and I knew I just wasn’t going to get through the month with so much on my plate.

Anyway, everything was lots of fun but terribly busy and sometimes even stressful! Luckily, I have other fun things to share. I watched Demi Lovato’s documentary on YouTube since she used to be my biggest idol! and I cried so much! It’s an incredible doc, and I recommend you watch it, but it was quite heartbreaking to me! It really got me into her latest album, though! I didn’t really like her two last albums, but my views just changed after watching the documentary and I’m actually so excited about it! I’ve also binged Stranger Things season two and holy moly, IT’S SO FRICKIN’ SCARY!!! I’m not one for the scary things, but this was really good. Next to all that, I’ve also been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf AND Fire Emblem: Awakening on my Nintendo 3DS! I got kinda obsessed with ACNL again since the announcement of the mobile game. I started playing Fire Emblem because I’m getting a new video game soon and I borrowed it from my brother to see if I liked the game series, and I do! I actually finished in like… 3 days?! Oops, ha! I’m planning on getting another game in the series soon

Also, that means I’ve barely read anything. I mean, Being busy + Bingewatching ST + Birthdays + Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem = NO READING! or very little reading, at least.

October/November Book Haul

I got the beautiful Dutch edition of Once And For All by Sarah Dessen from and publisher Clavis to participate/be a VIP-reader for a book club! I finished the book quite quickly and the bookclub is now over, but I had so much fun!

I also got three ARCs off Netgalley! I got Enchant my Micalea Smeltzer, Wolves & Roses by Christina Bauer and Forgotten Violets by Martin Niewood. They are released within like two weeks so I was a bit overwhelmed. They weren’t as good as I’d hoped they’d be, but it was alright. My mini reviews will be up really soon.

I got one book for my birthday actually I got a giftcard, but still, hehe!, so I ordered Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows! I cannot wait to read it and I should be on my shelf within then next few days. I hope my order will be ready to be picked up soon!

Currently Reading

I’m in a HUMONGOUS reading slump. I’ve told myself I wasn’t, but I have to face the fact that I AM. Obviously, this means I’m “currently reading” three books: Wolves & Roses by Christina Bauer, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch. I’ll finish them one day. Hopefully.

That’s it for this month’s personal update! I hope you’re all doing well, and I’ll see you again in my next blog post. 😉


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