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Goodbye, October!

We’ve reached the end of October, which means I’ll be going back to my regular publishing schedule! I’ve had so, so, so much fun creating all this content and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all my posts! Since I’ve posted a whooooole lot of stuff over the past month, I decided to do a blog wrap up on here, as well as a little reflection on the past month. If you’ve missed anything in the past month, have no fear, the blog wrap up is here!

A Little Recap

I graduated college and I’m currently without a job, so I’ve had way too much free time on my hands, it’s crazy! I always schedule my posts a month or two ahead, so when I thought of blogging every weekday for a month, it was no big deal. I had done quite a bit before the month even started, but I struggled quite a bit throughout the month! I don’t think I’ve ever spend so much time blogging, haha! I absolutely loved it, and I’m so proud of myself for actually publishing Monday through Friday for the entire month!

I don’t think I’ll ever be doing something like this again, unless I start creating content much sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I loved creating all this content, but it wasn’t for me to sit behind my computer every day working on thing that are supposed to be online already. I’d rather take it easy and create less content that’s of better quality because I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Anyway, here’s everything I published this past month!

Monthly Posts

October TBR | Behind the Books: October  | October Wrap Up

Guest Posts

Two Books For Your Autumn TBR. Guest post by the lovely Do @ What Do Reads
“I’m Undecided By My Kindle, Here’s Why” Great guest posts by Kelly @ This Northern Gal!

All Things Autumn

Autumn Photography. Make the most beautiful Autumnal bookish photos!
Autumn Playlist. My favourite playlist to listen to while reading!
Snow Like Ashes Pinterest Board. My favourite, Autumnal Pinterest board!


The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. A perfectly witchy book for October!
Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton. When I think of Scotland, I think of Autumn.
All The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater. A brand new book that released this month!
The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud. A scary book perfect for Halloween!

Other Posts

Blogging Every Weekday In October. Just in case you missed this fun announcement!
Bookish Bad Luck. Because of course we had to talk about bad luck on Friday the 13th.
My Chatbooks Bookstagram Album. My first experience with Chatbooks.
5 Reasons I Love A Series of Unfortunate Events. My favourite Netflix series!
WOW: The Becoming of Noah Shaw. I cannot wait for this book’s release!
The Legend of Zelda Books. Books from my favourite video game.

Thank you guys so incredibly much for reading all most posts this past month! Your comments and tweets made me so happy and it made all this hard work worth it. I’ll be going back to my regular schedule now!

What post did you like best?! Is there anything you’d still like to see on my blog?




  • dominique_x

    I really liked that you published a lot this month, since your blog is one of my favorites. I haven’t read all of the blogposts yet, but I will catch up soon! I loved the autumn playlist and your review of Seeker 🙂 I like to see recommendations and other personal/tags articles!

    • Ayla

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked the post! 🖤 I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind for my future posts. 😉 And thanks again for writing a guest post last month!

  • Signourney

    I can imagine it being draining if you have to work on it every day. But if you plan it in way ahead of time it can be interesting. 🙂 I would probalby not know what to post so I admire you for that, haha.

    • Ayla

      Hehe, thank you! I starting thinking about it really early so I had about 2/3 months to think of things, but it did get a bit difficult later on, haha! I think it could definitely be more interesting if I start something like this months ahead, but for now I’m just happy it’s over for a while, ahah! 😉

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