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5 Reasons Why I Love A Series of Unfortunate Events

At the beginning of this year, A Series of Unfortunate Events premiered on Netflix and I’ve been in love with the series ever since. I never knew about the book series when I was kid, so I only started reading/listening to the series at the beginning of this year! The vibe of this series is dark and I guess you could say a bit ‘depressing’ as well as, obviously, unfortunate. It’s a perfect vibe for the dark and gloomy Autumn days, so I thought “Why not share some of my love for this series!?” Without further ado; here’s five reasons why I love ASOUE.

Side note: The book in feature image is the new Dutch edition of The Bad Beginning that came out earlier this year! Isn’t it beautiful!?

It’s a Children’s Book Series

Erm… Yikes?! I still remember watching the show on Netflix and being all shocked when Count Olaf was chasing the Baudelaires through a house full of snakes and reptiles with a huge knife. Yep, you read that right. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. For a little while, I considered it might’ve just been added to the show for entertainment, but it happened in the books, too!


I love the Baudelaire siblings so much. I like how they are all different ages! Not just an older teen and maybe a kid brother or sister, but 14, 12 and an infant. I think? Correct me if I’m wrong, please! They’re all so different from ‘usual’ literary kids, too. Violet is the inventor, Klaus the reader and Sunny… She has four sharp teeth for biting. Hehehehe!

It’s Very Unfortunate (And Humorous)

What was Lemony Snicket on when he came up with this series?!?!? Each book is more unfortunate than the previous one, but it’s told and narrated in such a humorous way! It’s obviously called A Series of Unfortunate Events, but… Woah. This kids are very unfortunate.

The Movie & Show Are Spot On

I think it’s incredible how these books were made into a movie and series. I honestly can’t remember much from the movie, but the casting was great and it had the same vibe the books have! And every time I started listening to a new book, I just thought of how “right” the Netflix show was. They added a lot of new things to the Netflix series, but the book’s storyline is still so similar to the books!

It’s my Favourite Netflix Series

It really, really is. I watched it right after it premiered on Netflix, then I started watching it with my mom and in the meantime I’ve watched some episodes three times already. And I could watch it again if I wanted to and not get bored. I might actually watch it again right before season 2 premiers! It has all the elements of the book series plus its original storyline which I just love SO MUCH! If you ever need something to binge on Netflix, this is it.

Have you read or watched A Series of Unfortunate Events? Did you like it? I feel as if some people might love it and others might absolutely hate it!




  • dominique_x

    I haven’t read this series yet, but the Dutch edition looks gorgeous! I think I want to listen to them, due to your previous post about audiobooks. I remember watching the movie when I was younger and I loved it so much, so I can’t wait to experience it all over again!

    • Ayla

      Experiencing old favourites is definitely my favourite thing! I really hope you’ll love the audiobooks, they’re all a bit different but really funny and delightful! ✨

    • Ayla

      The first one is definitely one of my all time favourite audiobooks because of the mutli-voice narratoion and sound effects! The others don’t have that so it was a liiiiitle bit disappointing, but the other narrators are wonderful as well and I’m sure you’ll love them! 😉

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