October/Autumn 2017

Friday the 13th: My Bookish Bad Luck

Uh oh, it’s Friday the 13th! Honestly, I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe today is all about bad luck. I mean, if it really were about bad luck, they’ll need more than one or two unfortunate days in the year for me! I think it’s kind of funny how it’s in October this year. It feels perfect, with the spookiness of Halloween! Anyway, today I want to talk about my bad luck when it comes to book. Who knows? Maybe you can relate to my bookish struggles, hehe! 

Out of Print Books

Do you ever love a certain edition of a book just so much you’d sell a kidney for it? Because I definitely do! I’ve been looking for the first hardback edition of Uprooted by Naomi Novik for ages. Unfortunately, all I can find are sellers who priced their books over a €100 and I just don’t want to spend that much on a book! No matter how beautiful it is…

Mismatched Series

If I buy a book series, I need all instalments to be the same edition. No mix of paperbacks and hardbacks, no different sizes. Nope! I need it all to be perfect on my shelf. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never be able to complete my Mortal Instruments series because of my “rare” edition. Just have a look at my Instagram photo of City of Bones. You might think ‘But that one’s still on sale!’ Well, no, it’s not. Just have a look at this Pin on Pinterest. They look very alike, but the font(size) of the title and author are different. The spines look different too! And the worst part of this bad luck? The only book I can’t find in this edition is City of Lost Souls. I own another edition now, but they actually used to have it at my favourite book store! The the day I went to actually get it, it was gone! Never to be found again…

Destroying Books

Destroying might be an exaggeration, but I’ve ruined a book or two over the last few years. Always by accident, but still, it’s quite some bad luck. The first book I accidentally ruined, was my paperback copy of The Last Song. We have a glass table with a sort of frame around it, and a corner got stuck! I actually ripped a piece of the back cover off while grabbing it off the table. I was so upset! I taped it back on and these days I don’t mind, but when it happened I was devastated. Another time, I was taking a Bookstagram photo with an open book and when I pushed it down a little, I accidentally broke the spine! It didn’t break all the way and it was barely visible, but I wasn’t too happy about it, hahah!

Not Finding Books I Want in the Bookstore

I don’t think this is really bad luck on my part. It’s more the place I live that is to blame. A while ago, my mom wanted to buy some books in the Selection series because she was reading them. We drive out to the bookstore, and what do you know? Both books she wanted to get stood right there on the shelf, basically waiting for my mom to pick them up. I felt a little jealous, to be honest! Whenever I go to the bookshop, I just won’t find what I’m looking for. When Tower of Dawn was released last month, I went into town with my mom and browsed the bookshop just for fun and I was secretly hoping I’d find it, even though I was pretty sure they didn’t have it. Just my (bad) luck, I guess!

Forgetting Where I’m at in a Series

This only happened to me once, years ago, but it still feels like the worst kind of bad luck! You know the House of Night series by P.C. & Kristin Cast? It has like, what, thirteen books? SO MANY! when I was younger and couldn’t afford books, I used to download them. Illegally. I’m honestly ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. I must’ve read like half the series on my first iPod Touch during my summer holiday in Germany, but stopped reading them once I got back home. Then one day I must’ve reset my iPod or something, and all the books were removed, including my progress! I didn’t know which book I read last, so I gave up on the series.

Do you ever have bad luck when it comes to book?





  • Signourney

    Oh I’ve heard a lot of people are searching for that edition of Uprooted. I was lucky enough to score it before it went out of print. Like 2 months later I heard people complaining about it. I also have the thing with not finding books in book stores. I guess that is the problem with a Dutchie when you don’t always read in Dutch. But even some new releases in Dutch YA can take a few weeks to show up here.

    • Ayla

      Wow you’re so lucky! I really hope I’ll be able to find one sometime since it’s one of my favourite books, but I doubt it, hahah!
      I definitely think that not finding books in bookstores is a problem of where we live, unfortunately. I think some of the bigger bookstores do have new releases (both Dutch and English) but the smaller ones not in the cities don’t really care or something (or at least it feels that way!) I mean, my “local” bookshop didn’t even have the new John Green book on release day! However, I’ve also been quite lucky when I went to Waterstones for the first time and found a book that they put on the shelves too early! It definitely depends on the bookshop and your location, but I wish bookshops did better when it comes to new releases and popular books!

  • Brittany

    I LOVED Uprooted. I had hard core book withdrawals after reading it. I needed more. I haven’t been that drawn into a book in a long time.

    I randomly found a used copy of it at Powell’s in Portland (best book store ever they have over two million volumes, and they are on an entire city block, and its four stories) I didn’t realize it was a well known book. The area I found it in was kind of obscure. I was just browsing for something to read and it looked cool.

    I am super excited to find out that people had even heard of this book, let alone liked it as much as me. I had no idea it was so coveted. Also I checked Powell’s website and they have a copy of the original hardcover but its $140 🙁

    • Ayla

      Oh my goodness, that bookshop sounds like the best one ever! It’s so much fun to randomly find books you end up loving, right? It hasn’t really happened to me yet, but I feel like it would be such a wonderful thing!

      It’s so heartbreaking to see people charge so terribly much for a book! I get that it’s kinda rare because it’s out of print, but it should be illegal! 😉

  • Lara

    Forgetting where you’re at in a series is THE WORST! Also I have dropped a couple of books in the bath… (books no longer go anywhere near there). I dropped one of my Harry Potter books in and I just remember sitting next to the heater with a hair dryer trying to dry it out again… And sobbing the whole time.

  • dominique_x

    I really want to read Uprooted soon, I also like the cover you have though. I really understand not getting the cover you want, I had the same with Heartless. I really wanted to read that book, but I couldn’t find the edition I wanted, so now I have an ugly one haha. I also hate it when covers change during a serie, I just want to have a nice same-looking pile of books. It’s also frustrating when a bookshop doesn’t sell the book you want, which happens quite often here in the Netherlands. 🙁

    • Ayla

      “My” cover of Uprooted is nice, isn’t it?! It’s my second favourite, hehe! It’s always so upsetting when you can’t find the edition you’re looking for, especially when you just KNOW there are better once out there, I completely get the struggle. Cover changes are even worse that not finding the book you want, to me at least!

      Shopping in bookshops in the Netherlands is probably one of my least favourite things because I can never really find what I want. And then when I finally DO find something, I usually have no money… It makes me so sad! Oh well, at least the books are cheaper online. 😉

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