Bookstagram 101,  October/Autumn 2017

My Chatbooks Bookstagram Series

Rainy Autumn days are perfect for looking back at your photos with a nice cup of tea and your favourite music playing in the background, right? I realised a while ago that I had all these Bookstagram photos in my account from last year that were just going to waste, and I wanted to do something with them. Prints always end up and drawers, never to be seen again… So I decided I wanted a book! Then I found Chatbooks. This wonderful company creatures beautiful books for a very affordable price and I just had to share it with you!

Before we continue, I’d like to mention this post is in no way affiliated with Chatbooks! I genuinely love this company and their products, and I wanted to share them with you!

About Chatbooks

Chatbooks is a photo print service, but it’s a little different from your usual print shop. Where most shops have options of regular photo prints, posters, albums and whatnot, Chatbooks focuses on books, albums and prints of social media photos and the photos on your phone. For example: Instagram. Or the folder of your favourite photos on your phone. I could explain all the details, but this hilarious video is much more fun that any written explanation. Okay, the video is targeted towards moms, mostly, but why should us book bloggers and Bookstagrammers not use it? Don’t forget, we’re very busy bookworms!

Instagram Series

You can order custom books and single prints, but what’s special about them, is their subscription-like “Series”. You can create a series for your Instagram, Facebook or phone favourites. It’s the cheapest option, and probably the easiest! You just connect your Instagram to the Chatbooks App (or use your computer) and edit the little book in minutes! The fun thing about these little books is that it actually creatures Volumes. So the first 60 photos on you account will be in Vol. 1 and the next 60 in Vol. 2. After a while, you’ll have a series of volumes of your photos. How fun is that?! And if you don’t like a certain photo? Just take it out! It literally takes minutes to edit your book from your phone and in the end your left with a lovely little book with your own photos.

My Bookstagram Series

I wanted a “normal” photo book, but ended up going for an Instagram Series because it was cheaper. A softcover/paperback book is only $8 (hardcover is $13) and international shipping is only $3 (I think US shipping if free!) So basically that’s a very cheap photo book! Anyway, I selected 60 of my favourite Bookstagram photos from 2016 and created my first volume. At the end of the year, I hope to order my second volume with either my “top 60”, or two volumes with 120 of them! It all depends on which photos I want and don’t want in it. With the easy editing software, you can edit your little book any way you want it. I think the “standard” option is a spread with a photo and the caption on the next page. I didn’t want any captions, so I simply took them out! The only think I have “left” now, are my photos with the date they were published. Also, if you do want the caption, but none of the #hashtags, you can just remove the hashtags from your captions while editing! (Or add a completely new caption. It’s all up to you!)

My Thoughts on Chatbooks

I LOVE Chatbooks, even though I only used it once so far. The quality of their books are really amazing. It’s mentioned in the video that they use paper with the quality of expensive photo albums and I 110% believe it. The quality of both the paper and the print/ink is incredible. The cover seems to have some sort of filter, but that actually looks really nice! There’s quite a few editing options that are super simple.  I’m super excited about this service and don’t think I’ll cancelling my subscription anytime soon.

Yes, it’s a subscription, but it doesn’t have to be! You can just as easily create a custom book from your phone. It’s a little bit more expensive, but you’re not “stuck” with a subscription. And it’s not like you pay every month if you do choose to get a subscription! You pay per 60 photos, and if it takes you a year to get to 60, you’ll only pay the money once a year. I try to keep an eye on my photos and take out the ones that I don’t like so I know how many photos I still have left before I hit 60, this saves time when I eventually reach that number, and I just love sitting down every once in an while and have a look at my book in progress. If that makes sense. Also, it actually takes me much longer to get o sixty than I thought!

Create Your Own Chatbooks!

Everyone on Chatbooks get his or her own referral code! If you go to the website through my link and create/purchase a book, you’ll get one worth $8 for free! US shipping should be free, and it’s only $3 to ship internationally! So your book is either free or you’ll have to pay $3 for shipping. If you order through my link, you’ll not only get your first book for free, you’ll also help fund my next book, as I’ll get $5 credit to my account!

Are you going to create a photo book with all your Bookstagram (or just Instagram) and/or blog photos? Or would you use it in another way? Let’s chat in the comments! 




  • Lara

    I’ve seen the ad for this before and been curious about it and now that I’ve seen your review I’m super tempted!! And since it’s free then I might just have to do it! Thanks so much for this post, I’ll let you know if I get one!

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