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Bookstagram 101: Autumn Photography

Autumn is the most beautiful season and you can make the most beautiful pictures with all nature has to offer! Here's some tips for Autumn photography.

Autumn is beautiful. The main reason Autumn is my favourite season is because nature changes in the most beautiful way. Greens turn into yellows, oranges and reds, the ground is covered in leaves, and don’t forget about the acorns and chestnuts falling from the trees! Autumn is perfect for (book) photography, but you don’t have to take your books out for beautiful photos. Want to know how to take the best Autumnal bookish photos? I have some tips!

If you’d like to know how I edit my bookish photos, check out my How I Take My Blog Photos post. Looking for tips on styling? I have a post about that, too!


The perfect Autumnal photo start with nature. What else is going to set the photo apart from photos you took during summer or winter? You can take your books outside and find a pretty spot to shoot some pictures but with rainy and cold days, you really have to be careful not to get your books all soaked in water. A better idea would be to go outside, take a nice long walk through the park and gather whatever you can find. Fallen leaves, branches, pinecones, acorns and chestnuts… If you take your walk at the right time of the year, the ground will be littered with photography ‘props’! Don’t gather carelessly, though. Take care of nature and don’t go cutting branches off trees. What you find on the floor will be perfect.

The perfect time to go out for a walk depends on where you live, and the weather. In the Netherlands/Europe, October’s usually a good time to go out. September is still too early, but don’t wait till the very end of October, though! Just keep an eye on your surroundings. Are the trees in your area changing colour? Then it might be a good idea to go on an Autumnal walk.

Colour Palette

Another thing to consider, is your colour palette. Where summer is full of bright colours, Autumn is all about oranges and browns. Just take a look at this Pinterest search! It’s all very natural and a bit darker, too. Does this mean you can only use books with orangy and brownish colours? Not at all! Since it’s nature, any colour will do.

If you’re not really into oranges, reds and browns, just try some other darker colours like dark pinks and purples, or greens! Wood textures for backdrops or knit blankets or clothing for props are enough to make a photo look Autumnal, too.

Props From Home

You won’t have to spend your entire fortune getting new props for the season. Think about what you have at home! Candles work really well in bookish photos, especially during Autumn! Other things you could use are warmer clothing (like knit sweaters and scarves) and what about hot drinks? Make yourself a fantastic hot chocolate and take a minute to snap a photo of if! Or just get yourself a nice cup of tea.

Tip! Obviously you make your hot drinks because you want to drink them warm, not cold!  If you’re a bit slow with setting up photos, use an empty mug or other replacement where you want your drink to be and then make your drink. Then you’ll only have to add your drink to the picture and it won’t cool down too much when you’re trying to find the right way to position your props. If you want, you could even try out different camera angles before making your drink.

Props From the Store

Shops often have temporary or seasonal departments in their store. Think about Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas! There’s a good chance your favourite shop will have an Autumn section or isle where you can find fake leaves, flowers, chestnuts, acorns, etc. Like I said before, if you get the right stuff and edit your photo a little bit, no one will notice it’s not real! And even if it is, we all know Bookstagrammers use fake florals. Also, don’t forget about the pumpkins! In the area where I live, lots of people sell pumpkins in all sizes on the side of the road. I haven’t gotten any myself, but it’s the perfect prop for Autumn and Halloween.

Props and decorations don’t need to be expensive at all. Of course you can get something expensive if you really love it! But some stores ask ridiculous prices for a fake branch with flowers or a bag of acorns. Check out the cheap stores in your area. Of course you could always use the internet! Aliexpress has some wonderful items. I’ve never ordered, though, because I’m scared delicate times will arrive damaged. It’s cheap, though!

That’s it for my Autumn Bookstagram advice! Please remember that your photos are your own. If you do things differently or couldn’t care less about using an Autumn theme during Autumn, that’s totally fine! You do you, and that’s more than enough.

Are you going to use any of these tips for your photos? Or do you have any advice of your own? Leave them in the comments!



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