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Thoughts on Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

OH MY GOODNESS, YOU GUYS! I have finished it. I have finally, FINALLY finished it. If you read my monthly wrap ups and TBRs, you probably know I’ve been reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix for two whole months. Yes, TWO months. Insane, right?! I finally read that last page yesterday and words can’t describe how accomplished I feel. Anyway, today’s post won’t really be a review, but more like random babble about this brick of a book. Please be aware of (minor) spoilers if you haven’t read the books yet!

Buying the Book

At one point I didn’t remember much from the beginning of this book. I was like “What even happened?! Did someone use a memory wiping spell on my brain?” But even before I started reading this book, I had some thoughts that I can still remember to this day. When I bought this book in the Harry Potter pop-up shop at Utrecht Central Station, I came home thinking “Oh my god. I got the wrong book. I still need to get the part before this one. OH NO!” so I called my mom (I wasn’t living at home at the time – where my bookshelf was), made her walk up to my room and check. As it turns out, I got the right one. Sorry, Twitter and Facebook friends, for giving you false information. Hehe…

On My Physical TBR

I got the book in December and seeing as I started in it June, it took me about half a year to finally pick it up. Why? Well, it’s like a brick! A humongous paperback brick with 800 pages and 38 chapters and a spine that can break! (!!!) Also, I was way too busy to pick up such a big book. And I was quite intimidated. I honestly felt like I were never going to finish it. Then I decided to bring it on my holiday and – at last – I finally started it!

The Actual Reading Experience

1. It’s too hot to read a brick. What am I even doing!? Yes, the weather during my holiday was sunny and extremely hot. I barely read anything and I just couldn’t keep my mind occupied with a magical fantasy book, no matter how much I loved it. I must’ve read like five contemporaries. Sorry, Harry Potter…

2. These chapters are so looooooooong. And the book is heavy. Once I picked it up again at home, I never got very far. The chapter length wasn’t my thing at all and that combined with the weight the brick… Eh, sorry, book, just wasn’t helping.

3. Should I mention the plot here? Yeah, probably. Like I said, I don’t remember much of the beginning of the plot. Eventually I sort of remembered, but I guess that’s mostly just because I suddenly remembered quite a lot from the movie.

4. Ministry of Magic (M.O.M.) I’m quite annoyed this shortens to M.O.M. Like, why? It’s not my mother now, is it? Although I don’t remember a lot, anything new(-ish) in the Wizarding World is just the most amazing thing.

5. UMBRIDGE. HEM HEM. Oh. My. God. This woman is the villain of villains and I’d call her a witch but, well, she’s an actual witch so what’s the point? There’s probably people out there who hate her more than I do, but goodness, what an evil woman. Her ‘hem hem’ usually made me make weird noises and stuff because honestly I found it so funny yet annoying at the same time.

7. I’M HALFWAY THERE! “I just read 400 pages. 400 more to go! That’s like a whole book!” I was so proud of myself for finally getting halfway there but at the same time I was still struggling over the fact that there were still 400 pages left!

8. Fred & George’s Grand Exit. When I watched Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince I was just confused as to how/why they suddenly had a shop in Diagon Alley, like whaaaat?! Shouldn’t they be in school? But the Order of the Phoenix explained it all and woah, it was epic.

9. Occlumency. Just when I remember this thing with Harry and Snape (which apparently is called Occlumency!) from the movies, I thought ‘This is probably in the next book’, but it wasn’t, yay! Also I was quite irritated at Harry for not trying harder. Hello! I wanted to see you succeed!

10. Sirius. Let’s not talk about that, shall we? *cries*

11. The Order of the Phoenix vs. the Dursleys. Okay, this wasn’t actually a VS. battle but omg! I loved how the Order was basically threatening the Dursley’s to take good care of Harry, it was one of my favourite moments! I’m actually super curious whether or not their behaviour towards him changes…

12. I FINISHED IT! Omg, yay, I did it! Now I’ll never reread this book again because oh my god it is a brick. And it took me long enough. Well, maybe I still will one day when I’m more patient, ha!


I’ve written an actual review on Goodreads, so feel free to check that out! The above mentioned things were honestly just a bunch of random things I felt/thought/remembered while I read the book. I’ve left things out and some parts genuinely didn’t feel important to me. Plus: I tried to keep it mostly spoiler free! I I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway.

What did you think of Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix? How long did it take you to finish it? 


  • Elizabeth Hunter

    I don’t think I can really reread Order of the Phoenix because I just hate Umbridge so much. I’ll just skim over her parts, because she makes me so angry.
    And yes, Sirius. *weeps*

    • Ayla

      Really?! I think I’ve hear people say that before but I actually don’t really mind? I somehow think my reaction to her ‘hem hem’s are actually hilarious because I do make a lot of noises when reading (as awkward as that sounds hahah!) but with her it’s just like ten times worse and it makes me laugh! :’)
      I wasn’t as sad about Sirius as I thought I’d be but oh my goodness I feel so, so bad. 🙁

  • dominique_x

    I like reading this post. It sums op most of my experience while reading this book. It’s huge and quite intimidating, but I really liked it and finished in a couple of days <3

    • Ayla

      I’m glad you liked it! It’s definitely the most intimitating book I’ve read so far (Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare was huge as well but somehow I didn’t mind? hehe) but it feels like such an accomplishment having finished it! 🙂

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