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Bookish “This or That” Tag!

Laurie at Laurie’s Bookshelf tagged me in this Dutch bookish “This or That” tag and I’m so excited because these questions are so much fun! Since most of you don’t read Dutch (I envy you! Dutch sucks, hehe!), I translated the questions to English before I answer them. Have you ever wondered whether I prefer hardbacks or paperbacks? Or where I’d rather spend my time reading? Find out in this post!

Audiobook or Text Book

Both! I definitely read more physical books and eBooks, but I can really enjoy audiobooks! I usually listen while doing chores or colouring in my colouring books. It’s the best way to relax! I do like physical books better, though, because you can look at them and takes photos of them and put them in your bookshelf!

Paperback or Hardback

Hardback! Lately, all the new releases I’m getting (which currently isn’t many, but still) I tend to go for the hardcover! There’s a few books I got specifically in paperback because of the cover or art or just because the rest of the series I own is that way, but I definitely prefer hardcovers!

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Definitely fiction! If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything else than fiction except for school books? I love (YA) Fantasy too much to read anything else, hehe!

Harry Potter or Twilight

Before last year, I’d probably say Twilight because I read all the Twilight books and none of the Harry Potter books (shame on me!) but I did always love the HP movies better… Anyways, definitely Harry Potter! Both the books and the movies are absolutely incredible, and Twilight really isn’t my thing anymore!

Bookshop or Online

I sincerely wish I could say bookshop, but I have to go with online! The bookshop is really expensive, and nine out of ten times they don’t have what I’m looking for, especially when it comes to hardbacks! It’s just such a hassle to go to a bookshop, order a book, wait for the book and pick it up another day while I could also order it online and get it the next day or a few days later. I usually order of Amazon Germany of Book Depository so I usually have to wait a few days/weeks, but it’s still easier than going to the bookshop!

Standalone or Trilogy

Difficult one! I usually read duologies or series with at least four books these days. I don’t dislike trilogies by any means, but I’m just read so many of them, they have to be really good for me to enjoy them. So, for this question I’ll have to say standalones!

Heavy & Long or Sweet & Short

Heavy and Long for sure! Most fantasies are quite heavy because of the fantasy part and they’re usually bigger than contemporaries, too! I do like a nice contemporary every once in a while, but I tend to go for books by authors like Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Schwab.

Reading Somewhere Cosy or In the Sun

I despise the sun and summer. I dislike it so, so much! Just get me a nice long book, some pillows and a blanket, tea and snacks on a cold and rainy Autumn day and you won’t be bothered by me at all!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee

That really depends on the kind of hot cocoa and coffee! I drink mostly tea for sure, but I can really enjoy a nice cup off coffee! I usually only drink hot cocoa during Autumn and Winter and then make a real treat out of it with whipped cream and marshmallows and cocoa powder over all that. I prefer that over coffee from home, but let’s be honest: nothing beats Starbucks or my favourite coffee place at Rotterdam Central Station. I’m spoiled, I know, hehe!

Tags & Shoutouts

I don’t really feel comfortable just tagging people, so a few weeks ago I went to Twitter and asked you guys to send me your blog link so I could give you a shoutout! I got so many replies to that, that I’ve decided to use them for future tags and shoutout posts as well! If you’re tagged, please don’t feel obliged to actually do it! It’d love to read your posts, but I completely understand if you don’t want to do it.

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Before you go, answer this one question in the comments: Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Tea? And why?


  • Elise

    I really wish bookstores were cheaper… I love going to Barnes and Noble but it’s just too much money to always shop there when I could just order it from Amazon for half the price

    • Ayla

      I never really think about how pricing works in the US and UK! I always feel like books in Dutch bookshops are just more expensive because they’ve been imported, but it seems as if bookshops in the US/UK are also more expensive than online stores. It’s really a shame! 🙁

  • Elizabeth Hunter

    I love browsing bookstores but I tend to buy my books online, because they are so much cheaper. And who chooses Twilight over HP? I guess if you’ve not not read Harry, but then I just pity you. Hehe.
    And long heavy books are the BEST. I just want to escape for hours into a fantasy world, and you can’t really do that with short and sweet?
    And tea for me, please. I don’t do coffee, and I really enjoy all the different varieties of flavors tea has to offer. Especially a home mixed Chai.

    • Ayla

      Love your answers! And you’re totally right, who chooses Twilight over Harry Potter? To be honest, if you’d asked me this questions years ago I might’ve actually answered Twilight, hehe! (But really, you can’t compare the two because HP is just SO MUCH better!)
      I definitely love fantasy so much because you can really escape in it! Short books are just too.. eh, short for that, hehe!
      Home mix chai sounds so interesting! I don’t drink Chai much but I love the kind of tea that’s not in bags because somehow it’s like a real experience to me or something, haha…

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