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2017 Reading Challenge Update

Did you guys know I’m going a reading challenge this year? This is my third Goodreads Challenge, but I’m talking about the reading challenge I made for myself at the end of last year. I don’t really remember why, but I wanted to do more than just read a set amount books, I wanted to actually challenge myself. If you haven’t read my original post about it, no worries! I’ve linked it down below, and I’ll just be going over my progress.

Feel free to catch up by reading my original post or check out the books I’ve read so far on the Reading Challenge page!

48/75 Books

At the beginning of the year, I decided to set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 50 books. This number was mainly based on my personal challenge and the amount of books I read in previous years. Also, I just liked the number 50. Last week I decided to change that number to 75, though. I was about 90% finished with my challenge and it’s only august! Counting all the unread books on my shelf, the books on pre-order and the books I really want to read before the end of the year. It sounds like a realistic reading challenge, because 50 didn’t really feel like a challenge anymore.

9/15 New Releases

Keeping up with new releases is equally easy as it is difficult. I have plenty of time to read them, but it’s harder actually getting them. Money has been a little issue over the past few months, so I get most of the new releases through Netgalley. I’ve also been lucky enough to listen to some new audiobooks through Storytel. We’ve still got to the end of the year though, and I only have six more to go! Three are already on preorder, and my birthday is coming up as well! I’m finishing this one for sure.

5/5 Contemporaries

OMG! I’ve actually read more than five! I honestly don’t keep up with this anymore so I don’t have an exact number, but I’m so happy! I thought this could’ve been a struggle but suddenly I got into this contemporary mood and it’s pretty much all I read during the summer. I’m probably going to read some more contemporaries, but I never expected it would be so easy to finish this part of my challenge.

0/5 Graphic Novels

This is where money sort of becomes an issue. I don’t like to talk about it, but I just can’t afford a book I’ll finish reading in an hour or two! I own three Legend of Zelda mangas which I’ve already read last year, and I don’t want to count those to my challenge. I have ordered one, though! The Clockwork Princess graphic novel was only like €3 on Amazon and even though I still have to wait the entire month for it to be shipped to me, at least I’ll have one! If I manage to get a job soon, I’ll definitely get more graphic novels/mangas if I can, but I’m not sure about ticking all five off just yet.

1/3 Classics

Although The Little Prince is a classic, is it reasonable to count this toward my goal? It’s a short children’s classic, but it’s all I’ve read so far. I’ve been looking at Classics so much, but I just cannot figure out which one(s) to get! It’s so different from YA. Sometimes I feel like I’m not ready yet. (Which sounds weird, but reading a classic feels like such a commitment!) Anyway, I’m thinking about what books to get quiet a lot, so I might still be able to finish this before the end of the year.

2/5 Finished Series

The Orphan Queen duology doesn’t really count as a series to me, but since I read the four novellas this year, I’m making an exception and using it for series part of my challenge! Depending on how many books I’ll still be able to get, I might actually finish this category, too! After Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, there’s only two more books to go! I’m also currently in the middle of the Shades of Magic series and the Seeker trilogy is waiting for me to get them off my shelf. I think I could get to four series, maybe even five!

0/3 Recommendations

Although I read a lot of books that people generally recommend through the internet, I never actually read a book that was personally recommended to me. I wanted to change my “Oh cool I’ll check it out and then forget about it”-attitude, so I decided to read some books people recommend to me. So far, I haven’t really gotten any recs and I kind of keep forgetting about this! If you have a recommendation for me, let me know!

5/5 Dutch Books

I’m only counting YA books towards my challenge (and not the children’s books I read for internship) and I manage to actually read quite a lot! Mostly because of said internship, but I have some Dutch books on my shelf that I still haven’t gotten to yet and I got some Dutch books in preparation for YALFest! Like the contemporary challenge, this one was also easier than I thought it’d be.

Are you doing a challenge this year? How have you been doing so far? Are you going to reach your goal(s)?

PS. Help me complete my challenge by recommending me some books! Do you know any books I’d like? Let me know!

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