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Bloghopping 101

 Bloghopping; going to and commenting on a whole bunch of blogs in one go. You might’ve done it yourself in the past, or send someone your link when other bloggers announced they were going bloghopping. To me, bloghopping is more than just visiting a few blogs, reading some posts and leaving comments. I improved my blog a whole lot by checking out other’s people’s blog. Want to know the basics to bloghopping? Keep on reading!

The first time I did a bloghop, I only did it because I was leaving my links for other people and wanted to return the favour. Going through all these (wonderful) blogs, I realise there was so much I could improve on my own blog, so I made a list of things I liked about those blogs, then used them for my own. My second bloghop, I realised I wasn’t going to get the same result. It was still really fun anyway, and I still managed to get some post ideas out of it. It really depends on you and your situation whether or not going bloghopping is useful or not.

How I improved my blog by bloghopping

There’s a whole bunch of things I changed after my bloghopping session. For example: my review archive had no real order at all, and it was quite messy! That’s why I now have my review archive in alphabetical order. I also noticed how some bloggers added their publishing days to their bios, and I actually really liked that. This way, (new) readers know what to expect. I have some other ideas that I haven’t had time to work out yet, but the fact that I have so many ideas I couldn’t put them all to work at once just proves how useful bloghopping can be.

Bloghopping is basically networking

Whenever someone leaves a comment on my blog, I definitely check out that person’s blog. Sometimes I only check the blog itself, other times I read and comment. Sometimes I fall so madly in love with blogs that I follow them on every social network out there. It might cost quite a lot of your time, but since most bloggers are like me and comment back on your blog, you get something in return. One comment leads to another and before you know it, you’ve found a new blogger friend! And if you don’t find a new actual friend, I’m sure you’ll find some new blogs. Whether that’s because the bloggers left their link for you to check out, or you found someone cool in the comments of another person’s blog. Bloghopping is a win/win for everyone!

The cons of bloghopping

Bloghopping is a lot of fun, but can also be very time consuming. You really need to take time for it. Sometimes hours after you’ve finished bloghopping, you’ll still get links thrown at you. What do you do with those? Ignore them? Have a look? In my case, I usually try to have a quick look, even when I don’t always have time! You need to be able to handle that kind of “pressure”. There’s a big chance you’ll end up on blogs you don’t like. That happens, there’s no avoiding it. I struggled with this, because it felt like a “waste” of time. Usually I just leave a nice comment or tweet about it and leave it at that, but it’s difficult for me. Also, if you’re not clear enough on what blogs your looking for, you can get all kinds of different blogs! For example: I was tweeted a link to a beauty blog while I was looking for book blogs. The pro’s outweigh the cons for me, but you should consider the cons before you spend your time bloghopping.

Don’t steal, give it your own twist

Something I realised when I was writing this was “Am I encouraging people to steal other’s ideas?” But whether you are stealing/copying your fellow bloggers is totally up to you. There are things you simply can’t avoid; like a review archive or a homepage bio. Of course you can use other people’s posts for ideas, “tag yourself” in tag posts… If you really want to do something someone else has done before you, credit them. I know lots of bloggers who do this, but I feel like I should mention it just to be sure. I’m not encouraging you to steal, I’m encouraging you to be creative!

Have you ever gone bloghopping before? Or do you want to go bloghopping in the future after reading this? Let’s share our experiences in the comments!


  • Kathy @ Books & Munches

    I remembered throwing you my link on Twitter and cursed myself for not checking out your blog, haha. Especially when I saw you’re from a neighboring country, yay! And then I passed this post.
    I’ve seen bloghopping mentioned a couple of times by now – I’ve only been blogging for about a month and a half – but never took the time to see what it was all about.
    Reading this I just realized that I’ve practically been bloghopping every other day or so? Amazing! But I can say it definitely does help if you want your blog to be known a bit more. I don’t try to “steal” any ideas, though. Maybe at first, when I really only had my blog for a couple of days and discovered there are so many book blogs out there. [I honestly had no clue when I started.] Then I just went “Right, I should add something like that.” and “Oh, that disclaimer. Do I have to add that everywhere?” A whole load of questions and new information, good enough to drown in, haha!

    Awesome post and informative for every new blogger out there! 🙂

    • Ayla

      I’m so happy you found my post useful! I don’t go bloghopping too often, but it can be so great when you really take the time for it. Good luck and have fun! 😉

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