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Behind The Books: July ’17

I didn’t do a Behind the Books last month because I was on holiday, so a personal update is pretty much way overdue! I had prepared one, but editing on my iPad didn’t work out at all and I decided I’d just skip it. No worries, though, in this post I’ll catch you up on my blog, general life stuff, books I bought over the past two months and what I’m currently reading!

The Blog

I’ve reeeeaally been struggle with blogging! I just write-write-write and then I have drafts I’m not happy with and don’t edit and publish anything! It made me so, so sad! Over the last few days I’ve really been stepping up my blogging game, though! I’ve planned things I’m pretty excited about, ordered a new backdrop for my photography and I’ve started working on a project I’ve been really excited about for a while now. I already can’t wait for you guys to see it!

A Personal Update

Well… I thought my health was doing better but it’s still very much meh. It is a whole lot better but I’m still not where it’s supposed to be and it’s slightly worrying. I’m also applying for jobs and it’s all so scary! It gives me so much anxiety like all day every day. I hate “waiting” for phone calls I might not even get and it’s actually stopping me from applying to multiple jobs at once, which I think if awful. There are some good things, though! I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo! I’m writing a standalone YA Fantasy and it’s going SO WELL! As I’m publishing this, my word count is 37.039. I’m trying not to focus on the number too much, but it makes me feel so accomplished already! I’m not sure if anyone will ever read it, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come and it’s really been a wonderful experience.

June/July Book Haul

Before going to holiday I bought A Quiet Kind of Thunder, The State of Grace and Our Dark Duet! That last one was on sale two-ish weeks before its release so I couldn’t not get it! I also got some ebooks, but I don’t really remember which ones. It was quite a lot… If you want to read reviews on above mentioned books, you can find links in my June Wrap Up!

I’m proud to say I mostly kept to my book buying ban since I got back from Germany! I say mostly because I did buy The Orphan Queen novellas on Kindle and I made two wonderful purchases on Amazon! I got the hardback edition of The Hate You Give for only € 4! It was during Prime Day so I though it would only last a day, but last I checked it was still on sale. You can find it here. Same goes for the Clockwork Princess graphic novel, which I got off Amazon for only € 3. (Buy it here.) I got them because I thought they would only be on sale for one day, but last I checked they’re both still super cheap! Unless I’ve forgotten something, I bought 4 digital novellas and 2 books total. Like I said, I’m really happy with that number!

Currently Reading

I’m currently a mess over The Mirror King as I’m reading it for the second time! It’s giving me THE FEELS and I’m only about halfway. Turns out I’d forgotten quite a bit of the story, but from what I can remember of the end, I’m going to bawl my eyes out. Be sure to check out the Orphan Queen duology is you haven’t yet! It’s definitely worth your time.

What have you guys been up to over the past month or so? Have you been enjoying summer break? Let’s chat in the comments!

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