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My Bookshelf Tour!

Hello, wonderful (bookish) people on the internet! If you’ve been following me on Twitter since the very start of this blog (May 2016) you might know I’ve attempted to do quite a few bookshelf tours. They never worked out, I just didn’t like it and then gave up. Then I found Kate’s Photographic Tour of her bookshelves  and I liked it so much, I decided to give my own shelves another (literal) shot. I quite like how they turned out, so be warned: this post is chockfull of pictures!

Just in case you’d like to know: my bookcases come from Ikea. They’re 3 Billy’s 40 cm in width (which is half of the “usual” Billy bookcases). I got these in december 2015 and I’ve managed to fill them up quite a bit since then!

Let’s get the junk out of the way first, shall we? This part of my shelves is probably one you won’t see very often. Most of my DVD collection is propped down the left, because for now I have the space and nowhere else to put them. The bottom middle holds some random Dutch books and the right one has my (Dutch) Children’s books and some other random ones! I’ll get into the upper left shelf in bit. The top middle has my Vampire Diaries series and the Caster Chronicles. The top right one holds the Hunger Games and Divergent, a TVD book and my Snow Like Ashes trilogy. I actually want to put my SLA trilogy somewhere higher up, but I can’t find the space!

Here’s a closer look at the top left shelf from the previous picture! It mostly holds my contemporaries, plus some Wordsworth Children’s Classics. The two books on the left are the Dutch editions of Carry On and the Memory Book.

Right above my contemporary shelf, is my shelf with Dutch books! Most of them are from Best of YA (where I interned!) but I also bought a few books from other publishers. I simply liked the Dutch edition of Kids of Appetite better, and the publisher of The Jewel published the House of Stone novella in physical form!

This is probably the most “random” shelf of them all. This one is right above my shelf with The Hunger Games and Divergent. These books are so “low” on my shelves because of their annoying high difference. If I stand in front of my shelves, I don’t see it! Anyway, it has a bunch of random fantasy and dystopian books, plus some Dutch ones! The left one is 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough, right of that is the Dutch edition of Caraval by Stephanie Garber and the the blue one on the right of Caraval is Throne of Glass! I’d like to put it with my other ToG books, but it doesn’t fit!

These beauties are right in-between my Dutch and “random” shelves. It’s quite low in the bookcase overall, but I absolutely adore this one. On the left, there’s the first two books on the Iron Fey series, then there’s the Firebrid trilogy. The other’s should be pretty obvious. I probably love this one most because of the colours and the hardbacks next to each other! It just looks lovely. Also, the “Book Jar” is from Blossom Books / Spread The Book Love. You can find it on their website.

Ta daaaaa! Here’s my – rather unimpressive – Harry Potter bookshelf! No, I still haven’t finished reading the series. And, as it turns out, I hadn’t seen the last two movies until like, last week (we’re speaking of July 2017 here, oh my goodness…) I’m still “in the middle” of Order of the Phoenix, which is so big I could probably kill a muggle with it. Anyway, I have the UK paperback editions illustrated by Jonny Duddle and they’re so pretty! Then there’s my dvd box with all eight movies in the back. In front of that is Hermoine’s Time-Turner! I think it was part of my little brother’s chess set. Then there’s just a white owl thingy and a Funko Mystery Mini, which I got from my Fairyloot box.

To the right of my Harry Potter shelf is this beauty! I want to get some Shadowhunters merch or candles or something to make it look better, but I haven’t really been able to find anything I could like or that was affordable! At the start of the year, all my Shadowhunter books still fit in one shelf, right now: not so much.

To the right is what’s left of the Shadowhunter Chronicles and my beautiful edition of Caraval (with the clock underneath the dust jacket!) and Heartless, which I haven’t read yet. My “Come Back Yesterday” candle is a Fairyloot exclusive and it smells absolutely wonderful!

Right above the shelf on the previous picture is my ACOTAR shelf! There’s the beautiful US hardbacks and the Dutch editions of the first two books. I’ve yet to get the third one! The “Currently living in a fictional world” mug holds all my favourite bookmarks. I got it from my coworkers during my last day of internship!

I’m so, so proud my Throne of Glass shelf because somehow it fits perfectly inside the case. (Also, it’s to the left of my ACOTAR shelf!) I wish I could display the cover of Empire of Storms, but I can only do it with either Queen of Shadows or Heir of Fire. This one will probably change most when I get Tower of Dawn, as I won’t be able to display any covers. I’ll finally be able to add my Dutch edition to the shelf and my colouring book as well!

This is one of the loveliest shelves in my bookcase! Mostly because they’re my favourite books (except Vampire Academy and The Graces – they’re good but not faves!). Also they just look amazing together and they’re the same height! (All UK paperbacks). I recently got the globe and I’m in love! It also hides the empty space really well, hehe!

Finally, the top middle shelf is all dedicated to The Legend of Zelda! (There are two other shelves but they’re boring and don’t hold books). Hyrule Historia is probably the most expensive book I own, following the hardback edition of the Breath of the Wild Limited Edition Game Guide! On the right are the only three manga’s I’ve ever read/owned and I’m trying to get them all! The “statues/action figures” are Nintendo Amiibo’s you can use in-game for food and supplies in Zelda. If you’re not familiar with gaming/Zelda you probably have no clue what I mean, but I absolutely love this part of my bookcase.

That’s my bookcase! It holds 141 books + 1 colouring book! I hadn’t counted them recently and I’m sort of… shocked? Oh my goodness, this is mad, hehe!

How many books do you own? What’s your favourite bookshelf like? If you have any questions about my shelves, don’t be afraid to leave a comment! I’d love to answer them.


  • Dominds

    Your bookshelf is absolutely beautiful! I really love your Harry Potter shelf and I also love your shelf with This Savage Song on it, so many beautiful books! I have two bookshelves, one at home and one in the city where I am studying.

    • Ayla

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my Harry Potter shelf, I always feel a little weird about stil not owning all the books!

      I wish I had two shelves when I was living in the city near where I worked! I always look only like 2 or 3 books with me and put it on this table/storage cart/trolley thing. It looked lovely, but not as good as having actual shelves. 😉

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