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FairyLoot January ’17: Mystery & Mischief

AAHHH! Can you guys believe I finally got my first FairyLoot book box?! When the January box ‘Mystery & Mischief’ was announced, I was beyond excited. I was about 99% sure about the book that would be in it and although it cost me quite some money (about € 45 to be exact…), I ordered it pretty much straight away. It was so worth the wait and the money because this box is absolutely amazing. Spoiler warning: This post contains all that was in the ‘Mystery & Mischief’ box!

Funko Mystery Mini & Meraki Candles

After opening the box, it looked something like this. You could receive either a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones Funko Mystery Mini and I’m so happy I got a Harry Potter one! I’m not really into Game of Thrones, so I was really lucky. I got Fang, Hagrid’s dog! Isn’t it the cutest?!

I’m so, so excited about the Meriki Candles candle! Shipping one of these to the Netherlands costs about the same as the candle itself… Anyway, ‘Come Back Yesterday’ is themed after the book of the month and the author of that book named the candle! The smell is a little heavy, but it smells reeeeeaaally good! Almost too good to burn, hehe…

Bonus Items & Alice in Wonderland Bookmark

The box included some bonus items! There’s a Alchemists of Loom bookmark and a Passenger ruled notebook (I opened it so you could see both the back and cover). There’s also Jackaby card with a download code to read an extended preview. It’s supposed to be a “Doctor Who meets Sherlock” kind of story. And according to this review quote on the card, it’s Sherlock Holmes crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Ehh… This doesn’t should like anything I’d read, but I’m intrigued! I might get that extended preview sometime.

Finally there’s a really cute Alice in Wonderland bookmark. You could see the other side of it on the picture above this one. It’s not a bonus item, but I put it in the same photo and I didn’t have time to take separate ones. It’s double printed with triple paper, which basically means it has two different sides and another piece of paper in the middle. It’s of really great quality and I love having another Alice in Wonderland-themed bookmark! I got a few things in the Celebrate Books Box last month and I loved it. This bookmark was designed by Read At Midnight.

How To Think Like Sherlock

Now here’s a funny story: I was 99% sure about the book that would be in the box and I was beyond excited taking everything out of it and to finally get to the book! I was pretty much jumping from excitement, but then I “fished” this book out. I went from over-excited to ready to cry in less than three seconds. Was this really it? I have no interest in Sherlock whatsoever! Then I realised I hadn’t seen the bottom yet… HAHAH! Good one, FairyLoot, you really got me there! I’m not ungrateful at all, but I was seriously a little in shock, haha!

I have no idea what to think of How to Think Like Sherlock… Since I own it now, I’ll probably pick it up sometime. I just can’t figure out what kind of book it is. If anyone knows, let me know in the comments!

The Night Cirus Pillow Case

Wait… What’s this? OMG! IT’S A PILLOW CASE! I have about six pillows it my bed at my mom’s and three in my own room, so you could say I’m a “little” obsessed, ha! It’s designed by Risa Rodil, the quote’s from Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus. Although I only listened to a little part of the audiobook and quit, it’s still on my TBR and I hope to read it this year. I love how there’s a freaking pillow case! I don’t think any book box has done this before, right?

Rose Necklace

Oh Panda Eyes made this super cute exclusive rose necklace! I absolutely love it and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it often. It’s also very significant to the book…

The Book

AHHH! I can finally tell you what book was in the box! It’s the amazing Caraval by Stephanie Garber! The reason I was so sure about what book would be in it, is because I read it in Dutch. I even reviewed it already! I absolutely loved it so I wanted to get it in English as well. What better way to get it than in a FairyLoot box? I also love all the extra Caraval goodies!

Fairyscoop has an interview with Stephanie Garber, a little “What to read next” list and an interview with Booktuber Emmma/Emma Giordano. She’s one of my favourite Booktubers, so it’s really exciting!

The bookmark is two-sided, as is the letter. Stephanie’s letter has the map on the back. I’m so incredibly excited about what I found underneath the dust jacket! There’s four different “secret” covers and from the moment I first saw them on Twitter, I’ve been wanting the clock. I’M SO DARN LUCKY! Isn’t it beautiful?

FairyLoot Unboxed

There’s so much in this box, I struggled to put it in a photo! Can you believe this all came out of that box?! I’m so happy with everything that I’ve got, I don’t even have the words for it.

Contents of the ‘Mystery & Mischief’ box:

* Harry Potter Funko Mystery Mini
* Exclusive Night Circus Pillow Case
* Exclusive ‘Come Back Yesterday’ candle from Meraki Candles
* How to Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith hardcover book
* Exclusive Rose Necklace
* Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Bookmark
* UK hardcover of Caraval by Stephanie Garber, along with a signed bookplate, author letter, bookmark and postcard
* Bonus Items: Alchemists of Loom bookmark, Passenger notebook & Jackaby free chapter download code postcard

Did you get the FairyLoot ‘Mystery & Mischief’ box? Or do you regret not getting it? What do you think of everything that’s in it?

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