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In this last part of my YA Genres 101 series, I discuss the remaining genres of YA: Historical & Mystery/Thriller + I talk about Middle Grade for a bit.

I’ve discussed Fantasy, Science Fiction and Contemporary, and in this last past part of my YA Genres 101 series, I’ll go over the remaining genres! Historical and Mystery/Thriller are genres you don’t see often in YA, but it exists! I’m also discussing Middle Grade, even though it’s technically not YA. More on that in this post!

Middle Grade

I’ll just start with Middle Grade since I’ve got a little explaining to do. Books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are Middle Grade. Their main characters are between 8 and 12, so they’re younger than YA characters. But, these characters grow up. They grow older as their series continue. Usually, they end up being a young adult at the end of their series. The rest is pretty much the same as YA, except with younger characters.

The reason why I’m mentioning this in my YA series is because it’s read by lots of people who mostly read YA. I mean, I’m sure we can all agree that we keep rereading Harry Potter, right? I’m not actually rereading them, though… Hehe, I’m only reading them for the first time! And I’m 19!


Historical Fiction usually takes place in a time prior to 1970. An example of this genre is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. YA doesn’t have a lot of Historical books, though. There’s Steampunk, but it’s slightly different from Historical because fantasy or paranormal make the book lose their authenticity. When I mentioned Steampunk in my post about Science Fiction, I said it’s like “What the past would look like if the future happened sooner.” That means the history in SP is different from what actually happened. Features in Historial are historical detail, accuracy and authenticity.


YA Mystery and Thriller have the same features as Adult Mystery and Thriller. Like pretty much all YA genres. But of course, there’s a young adult protagonist. Mysteries are all about the protagonist discovering the true identity of a villain. They try to solve a crime, usually a murderer. In Pretty Little Liars, for example, the girls are being stalked by the mysterious “A”, so the girls try to discover who that is. Thrillers are quite similar, but there are differences. While in Mystery it’s all about solving a crime, solving the mystery, a thriller goes further than that. In Thrillers, the protagonist doesn’t only solve the mystery, he or she also goes after the villain to take him/her down and save the world. If A was a threat to the world, and the Lairs would take A down/save the world, it would be a Thriller instead of a Mystery.

Like all genres in YA, they’re usually mixed with other genres! Historical YA could have a Mystery aspect, or the protagonist of a High Fantasy novel could be solving a crime, you know? The possibilities are endless!

Books mentioned in this post:
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Harry Potter | Percy Jackson | The Book Thief | Pretty Little Liars

This was the last part of my YA Genres 101 series! I hope you enjoyed it, maybe learned something from it and found it useful! Which of the genres from this post is your favourite?

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