Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Crown of MidnightCrown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas is incredible! It’s a worthy sequel to Throne of Glass and I can already see the series become my favourite! These books are so good! Sequels barely ever make it to my Goodreads Favourites shelf, but for this one I’ll gladly make an exception!

“The shutters swinging in the storm winds were the only sign of her entry. No one had noticed her scaling the garden wall of the darkened manor house, and with the thunder and the gusting wind off the nearby sea, no one heard her as she shimmied up the drainpipe, swung onto the windowsill, and slithered into the second-floor hallway.”

Crown of Midnight


Celeana is now the King’s Champion, yet she’s nowhere near loyal to the crown. She’s been hiding her rebellion, but then one night, everyone’s secrets lead to a terrible tragedy. As Celeana’s world shatters, she’s forced to decide where her loyalties lie.


Crown of Midnight is absolutely incredible. It has taught me that you should never hit a hardcover book to your head because it can cause some serious headaches. (HA!) Also, I’ve never screamed more at a book in my life. Oh, and in the end it left me utterly speechless.

Crown of Midnight was unpredictable. It was the kind of book I just couldn’t theorise about. Usually, I’m all like “Oh, this is probably going to happen next!” But this time, I couldn’t think of anything. I also didn’t want to think of anything. I just wanted (or more like needed) to read it without thinking of possibilities.

Celeana’s assassin side really showed in Crown of Midnight and I’m so glad it did! I felt like we didn’t really get to see much of it before. I was shocked. Speechless. Amazed. It was so good! Dorian and Chaol were amazing as well. I just loved them so much. A certain character’s death was so shocking. And I cried. And I screamed. And I hit my hardcover against my head again because I couldn’t believe it. But it wasn’t unnecessary. Lot’s of times, I feel like deaths are just to create drama. This time, I felt like it actually meant something.

The plot was amazing. I can’t even summarise it because every bit of it was just so good and important. Every event or situation or whatever was used to get the story along. Nothing was boring or useless. You have to check out Goodreads for my favourite part (which is a spoiler, so I’m not mentioning it!) But it was literally the most amazing thing ever. I’m so glad it happened. Because ever since I read Throne of Glass, I wanted something like this to happen. And then it did but it was so much better than I ever thought it could be. At the same time, it’s also much worse to, hehe…

The end shattered me to bits. I’m still so incredibly heartbroken. It was good, cliffhanger-ish and I actually can’t describe what it is. Other than that I feel like it’s the perfect ending to this book.

My review of Crown of Midnight including spoilers and my favourite part of the book can be found on Goodreads.

Crown of Midnight

My Rating

Crown of Midnight was incredible! I have nothing bad or negative to say. All I can say about this book is that it’s so much better than Throne of Glass and if you’ve doubted continuing the series, please just go pick up this book! You’ll be amazed, I promise!

About Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight is book two in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. You can find the book on Goodreads and purchase it on Book Depository*!

I’m reviewing all books in the Throne of Glass series, you can find the others in my Review Archive.

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