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#BookBabbleChat Movie AdaptationsThe second ever #BookBabbleChat happened today! We talked about Movie Adaptations. We talked about what makes movie adaptations good or bad, shared our favourite and least favourite movie/TV adaptations are and talked about which books we’d like to see as movies or TV shows! If you missed the chat, feel free to answer the questions in the comments or on Twitter! In this recap I share my thoughts as well as some tweets that caught my attention!

Book before movie or movie before book (or TV show)?
It really depends for me! Most of the time I’ll read the book before I watched the movie. I’m currently doing it with Harry Potter! I read the book, then I (re)watch the movie! But sometimes. a movie convinces me to read a book. From what I gathered, it’s usually book before movie, though! The tweet/video below is definitely a good response to this question!

It’s a little different when it comes to classics, though. At least, it is for some people! Including me!

What makes a movie/tv adaptation good or bad?
This seems to be a very personal thing! I couldn’t really find one tweet that represents the answer to this question, though. But the tweet down below is something I think we can all agree on!


What’s the worst movie/tv adaptation and why?
Percy Jackson. Definitely Percy Jackson. Everyone agrees, right?! Right?! Don’t’ worry, Percy Jackson wasn’t alone in the “Worst Movie Adaptation” question! Others were Divergent, Eragon and The Maze Runner.

What is your favourite movie/tv adaptation and why?
For me, it’s definitely the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Which is quite the unpopular opinion, I think. Others mentioned were The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Outlander.

What book needs an adaptation?
This answer got so many good answers! I didn’t know all of the books mentioned, but the ones I did know sounded great. This was really my favourite question of them all! Also, I’m just going to shamelessly embed my own tweet right here because I mean, IT’S THRONE OF GLASS. I shouldn’t be so fangirlish in my blog post. I’m sorry, guys.

If you want to read all the Tweets, you can search #BookBabbleChat on Twitter, or click on the link!

Since I’ll be on holiday next week, there will be no #BookBabbleChat! We’ll do this again on August 30th, topic to be announced! What would you like to discuss when I’m back?

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