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Behind the Books: July 2016

Behind The Books JulyBehind the Books is my monthly blog and personal update. In this month’s Behind the books, I talk about my summer break, small changes to the blog, my first #BookBabbleChat on Twitter, my new Blog Planner, Camp NaNoWriMo, 100 books on my Goodreads ‘read’ shelf and more! Get yourself a drink and a snack, get comfortable and enjoy July’s Behind the Books post!

The Blog

June and July were pretty amazing for the blog. The college year ended and I had so much free time! I was so far ahead of my schedule for July, it was crazy. Out of ‘boredom’ I came up with my first blog series YA Genres 101! First of all, because I was bored and wanted to learn something ‘new’ and second because I could fill my free time with writing the series!

I also changed my sidebar a little bit! I added my Snapcode, because I wanted to use Snapchat more, and give a little behind the scenes look. I have to admit I’m not that good at it, considering my Snap Story is still dead, ha! I’ve also added an email subscription widget! I didn’t even know it was a thing! Like, what?! Someone asked me about it on Twitter, so the first thing I did was add it to my blog! Basically, if you subscribe to my email list, you get an email when I published. It’s not quite a newsletter, but more like a notification.

On Saturday, July 9th, my first #BookBabbleChat happened on Twitter! I messed up, as you could read in my recap. But that’s not important right now! We all make mistakes, I learned my lesson and I made sure I got it right for the next chat, which is happening today! It’s about Movie Adaptations, feel free to join!

#BookBabbleChat Movie Adaptations

The ‘last’ thing I did for my blog this past month, was creating a blog planner! You can read all about it in this Tumblr post. I’m currently using it and it’s the most wonderful thing ever! I’m going to make a full planner for 2017 and I’m thinking of making it available for (digital) purchase! You’ll probably read more about this when I start working on it, but I’m super excited about it.

A Personal Update

Although everything might look like roses, it’s not going that great with me personally. I’m looking for a room in the city for during my internship At a publisher! Yay! but it’s giving me the worst anxiety. I’ve found a solution, though, and I’m hoping it’ll all work out in the end!

Now to continue on a more positive note; I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo! I’ve had my ups and downs, Especially with the terrible anxiety… but I’m hoping to still finish it, even though I’m unexpectedly leaving for five days for a holiday in Germany!

A few days ago, I added the 100th book to my ‘read’ shelf on Goodreads! I feel like it’s a thing I should mention. hehe! Of course, I’ve read way more books than that, but those are the ones I can remember reading, or read since I had my Goodreads account, which I have since August 2014. Ooohhh! That’s almost two years! Feel free to add me!

I’ve been blogging, reading and writing a lot since summer break started, and I’m loving it! I’ve also thought about the books I’m taking with me when I go on holiday, and I’m excited to read them. By the looks of it, I’ll have just enough books to make it through my summer break!

June & July Book Haul

I’ve bought quite a lot of books for summer this past month, so I’m going to keep it short-ish!

Uprooted by Naomi Novik | Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare | The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong | The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater | Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan | Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban | We Awaken by Callista Lynne | The Shadowhunter’s Codex by Cassandra Clare | Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

We Awaken was an arc, which I reviewed! I don’t have the Shadowhunter’s Codex yet, because I ordered it from Book Depository for less than €7 a few days ago! I’ve been wanting it for so long, and when I found it for that price, I couldn’t resist! Even though I really wanted the hardcover, haha! Maybe another time… Also I’m very impatient and want it like right now!  I already owned and read Snow Like Ashes, but I gave it away when the paperback didn’t match with the paperback of Ice Like Fire, but I finally got myself another copy! Just in time for the release of Frost Like Night, yay!

Currently Reading

I’m currently reading Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan! I originally bought this for my brother, because he wanted to read it and I thought we could reading some brother/sister activity. Unfortunately, he read one chapter and then basically DNF’ed it. I decided to pick it up, but I’m not enjoying it quite as much as I usually enjoy the books I read.

What have you done this past month? Are there any interesting books you’ve read? What are you reading right now? Do you like it?


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