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Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday Facts About MeTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke And The Bookish, and this week is all about me! Ah, that sounds so self-centered… Anyway, for this week I thought of some facts about myself! I divided them into three sections: General Facts, Bookish Facts and Facts About Me as a Blogger! I hope you enjoy my post and don’t forget to leave some facts about yourself in the comments!

Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)

General Facts

1. I’m quite the workaholic

Until a few months ago, I did not know how to “slow down.” I was working on college and my blog constantly and even though I did sit down to read a book often, I was always doing ‘something’. I’m always thinking of new things to do, new projects to start, etc. Both when it comes to general life things and working on my blog.

2. I want to move abroad

My dream ever since I was younger is to move to the US or the UK. Unfortunately, with everything going on these days, I’m not so sure anymore! I still really want to move, though. It would be easier for my blog and the work that I want to do. I can do it all from the Netherlands, but it’s all quite difficult.

3. I love music

I wake up in the morning and turn on Spotify and don’t close the app until I’m going to bed at night. I’ve actually had the question “Don’t you ever get bored of your music?” way too many times. The answer to that question is no, by the way. I only get bored on a very rare occasion, but then find something else to listen to! I also love making book playlists, even though I think it’s super difficult.

Bookish Facts

4. A big TBR makes me anxious

Until a few months ago, my TBR was massive. It was so bad I didn’t even know what to buy or read first! It made me so upset, I decided to do something about it, and I ended up delete a lot of books. My TBR now has around 20 books, and I’m perfectly happy with it. I’m a little annoyed by the amount of books that I want to read that aren’t on my TBR (yet), haha!

5. I only got my first real bookshelf at the start of this year

I always had a little shelf on the wall for my books, but I never had an actual, big shelves to put my books in. (And it wasn’t really necessary!) Later I got two Expedits from Ikea (which are now called Kallax), but they weren’t actually for my books, I just put them in there. So when I moved to the room I’m currently in, I got myself three narrow Billys and put them in the corner (thanks to Ikea for the inspiration!)

6. I want to start a book box subscription service

I didn’t know book boxes existed until a few months ago, but once I found out they did, I got so excited! I had to write a business plan for college and wrote mine about a book box subscription service! Back then, there was to Netherlands-based box, and now there is! Unfortunately it’s not mine (haha!) but hopefully, I’ll get to do something like it in the future!

7. Series need to be in the same edition

I think everyone agrees on this, but I’m still going to say it! In the Netherlands, we get English books from all over the world. UK and US paperbacks are definitely different, some aren’t available and English series can turn out very messy when you live in the Netherlands. Luckily I’ve managed to somehow get the right editions, but there’s one book on my shelf that is just impossible to get in the edition I want it.

Facts About Myself as a Blogger

8. I put a lot of time in my schedule

I have some set days on which I post (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and monthly posts) and I spend a lot of time thinking about what will be published when. I write everything on a monthly calendar page and use different colours of pens per kind of posts. I actually bought more pens because I didn’t have enough colours! I treat my schedule like a puzzle. I try to do various kinds of posts, and try not to publish like three reviews in a row without anything else in between. It’s pretty difficult sometimes!

9. I always want to do more

I have three publishing days with some extra days for monthly posts, which all take up lots of time to work on. Yet I always want to do more! I want to write more, take more photo’s, publish more, do some giveaways… You get the idea. I simply don’t have the time and money to do all these things!

10. I don’t read a lot of blogs

I think lots of bloggers read other people’s blogs, and I’m sad to admit that I don’t really do that. I want to, but can’t find the time! Whenever I see a fun or interesting post on social media, I’ll check it out and I do the same when bloggers leave their links on my blog, but I don’t really follow any bloggers and I don’t read as many as I want to.

Now it’s your turn! Leave your TTT in the comments down below, or tell me three facts about yourself!


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