We Awaken by Calista Lynne

We Awaken by Calista LynneWhen author Calista Lynne emailed be about this ARC a few weeks ago, I could not say no! The synopsis was unlike anything I read before (or even heard of!) and the cover is stunning! I was all heart eyes for it (and I still am!) Of course, I read We Awaken and I just had to write a review! Please, keep in mind this is an ARC review, the things I mention in this review might be a bit off from the final version of the book!

“Mother said there was no change in Reeves at the hospital. Something must have happened at work for her to come home early enough to visit him, but to find out what would require discussion. I wasn’t in the mood to speak with a Magic 8 Ball: shake her up and get nothing but two-worded answers. Not that I could blame the woman. When a single day puts your husband in a morgue and your son in a coma, it changes life from being a triple-time waltz to a demo session for hell.”

This quote might be a bit off from the final edition of the book since this was taken for the eARC I received from the author!


Victoria has had a difficult year; a car accident put her father in a morgue and left her brother comatose. One day, Ashlinn enters Victoria’s dreams, claiming to be the creator of good dreams. They meet in Victoria’s dreams more often and the two come to care for each other. When Ashlinn enters the real world so Victoria can chase her real world dreams, she also helps her come to terms with her asexuality. Unfortunately, Ashlinn can’t stay human forever because humanity begins to suffer from not having her around to create pleasant dreams.


We Awaken is unlike anything I’ve ever read before and I love it so much! I love how it was sort of a contemporary while also being fantasy! I finished the book in one sitting, which is super rare for me. In the end, it left me feeling so many things!

I love how this book focuses on being lesbian and asexual. I barely ever read anything GLBTQ+ and that’s one of the main reasons I picked this book up in the first place. I feel like I actually learned a lot from this book, while also enjoying it a whole lot. The characters deal with being both lesbian and asexual, which makes We Awaken a very interesting read.

I like Victoria and Ashlinn and I love how they come to life in the book. I can’t image what the two look like or what age they are exactly, but I know what their personalities are like, and that’s so important! I like how Victoria’s hobby/interest/dream is to be a dancer! I watched this video discussion on diverse hobbies in YA (and books in general) and this one is such a great example of that! I love how Ashlinn cares so much for Victoria, I mean, she freaking leaves the dream realm (as I’m just going to call it right now) because Victoria does something oh so stupid. It touched me in ways I never imagined something like that could touch me. I feel as if some of the characters didn’t get too much of a background. Like Reeves, Victoria’s brother. How old is he? He can’t be old, but I’m a little left in the dark. It’s okay, though. It didn’t bother me much, but it’s something I noticed.

As I was reading the book, I thought “So when is the big bad gonna come along?” cause I felt like it was all happy and well. I continued reading and forgot all about it, I simply enjoyed it so much! Then the big bad finally came along and I was like “Oh my god, there’s the villain!” And it was just so great! This book sucked me in never really let me go. I feel as if I’m still in the middle of the book! I think these characters are going to stay with me for a while.

The ending was satisfying, but I felt it was a little abrupt. It was a good ending (honestly, I’ve read worse endings!) but I feel like I could use an epilogue so things were all wrapped up nicely. I still have some questions I want answers to badly! Like, how does Ashlinn like ice cream? What’s happening like a month after the events of the book? I need to know these kinds of things! I’ll admit, I still absolutely love the book and its end without knowing the answers to these questions, but I’ll gladly read more! And more, and more, and even more…  (Maybe there is another ending in the final version of the book. The number of pages for this book is 180, while the ARC only had 154.)

My review of We Awaken including spoilers and my favourite part of the book can be found on Goodreads.

My Rating

We Awaken was a great read! I loved how it deals with being both lesbian and asexual, I loved the characters and the story. I love how Fantasy and Contemporary came together. The characters were really well written and the story was interesting from start to finish.

About We Awaken

We Awaken is Calista Lynne’s debut novel. It will be released on July 14th. You can get the ebook or a physical copy from Harmony Ink and add the book on Goodreads!


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