The 100 by Kass Morgan

Books with tv adaptions are scary. They can either be really good compared to the show, or really bad. The 100 was kind of in between.

I read The 100 a few months ago and when I was moving reviews from my old blog to Books & Babbles, for some reason I didn’t publish this one. Later, I saw no reason to published it at all, but then I found out there’s a new book on the way! The 100 is the book the show was based on and books with movie or tv adaptions are always a bit scary to me. They can be a huge success or a huge failure. Luckily, The 100 wasn’t that bad at all!

The door slid open, and Clarke knew it was time to die. Her eyes locked on the guard’s boots, and she braced for the rush of fear, the flood of desperate panic. But as she rose up onto her elbow, peeling her shirt from the sweat-soaked cot, all she felt was relief.”

Books with tv adaptions are scary. They can either be really good compared to the show, or really bad. The 100 was kind of in between.


Ever since a nuclear war 300 years ago, what’s left of humanity has lived in outer space. Hundred juvenile delinquents have now been send to earth to recolonize the planet. It could be their second chance at life or a dangerous suicide mission.


I have quite a few problems with this book. The most important one being I just have no idea whether or not I actually like the book. The tv show was recommended to me by my best friend and of course, I had to watch and it’s now my favourite show. When I found out about the book, it seemed too good not to read it and well.. Even though I already knew the book and the show were much different, it still kinda sucked. Another big problem I have with the book is the cover. It does not make sense at all. They make it look like it’s similar to the show, which it absolutely is not.

The 100 is told from four different perspectives: Clarke, Bellamy, Wells and Glass. I couldn’t really get used to this kind of storytelling, but eventually, I really got into the story and it didn’t bother me as much. Wells’s and Glass’ perspectives really annoyed me. I never liked Wells, and Glass was so new to me (since she isn’t in the show) and I just didn’t understand her character. I was super happy about Clarke and Bellamy, but I’m a little prejudiced, though, since Bellarke is like my number one OTP. Sorry, not sorry! Hehe.. I personally would’ve loved to read from Octavia’s perspective. I just didn’t see the connection between Glass and the other characters.

The 100 had a lot of flashbacks, a little too many for my liking. The story progressed very slowly because of it. The flashbacks were annoying sometimes, but in the end, I realise they’re probably meant to give the characters a backstory. And it worked. I feel like I’ve gotten to know the characters really well. Something that wouldn’t have happened without the flashbacks. So they’re kind of both good and bad.

Next to a whole lot of bad, I have to admit there are good things too! The characters are well written and I think the story is really interesting. I watched the show first, so I knew that story. But knowing the story of how it was originally written was awesome. I love both stories, although I can’t specifically tell you what I like about the book so much.

My original review of The 100 and this update one can be found on Goodreads.

Books with tv adaptions are scary. They can either be really good compared to the show, or really bad. The 100 was kind of in between.

My Rating

The 100 is a great read, but you shouldn’t compare it to the show. Although the book and show are two completely different things, I really enjoyed the book. I’ll definitely be reading the other two books in the trilogy.

About The 100

CW’s show The 100 is based upon The 100, written by Kass Morgan. The 100 is book one in the trilogy. Its sequels are called “Day 21” and “Homecoming”

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