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Book Babble: eBooks vs. Physical Books

Some people love eBooks, others don't even want to think about them. I personally love physical books, but I like eBooks as well!I can almost hear the sighs and the “could you be any more original?!” questions now, but the eBook vs. Physical Book opinions/discussions are so interesting to me! I absolutely love physical books because they fill up my shelf so beautifully, but I like eBooks because I can read them on my phone or iPad and don’t have to carry any extra weight. Basically, I love both, but keep reading if you want to know why!

Physical Books

I love physical books because, like I said, they look beautiful on my bookshelf. Reading a physical book brings such an experience, which I can’t really explain. I just love sitting in bed with a book and turning the pages.

The Pros
Physical books look beautiful on my shelf, they bring along a certain experience I can’t describe and there’s just something about going to a bookshop and picking up a new book. Just like ordering one online and opening the package at home. The whole “book experience” is what makes me love physical books so much.

The Cons
Size and weight are the only things I can think of, honestly. Sizes are sometimes difficult with series when there are multiple editions (hardcover, US Paperback, UK paperback.. It’s a mess!) Sizes are also kind of annoying when it comes to bringing a book with you when you leave the house. Sometimes my books don’t fit in my school bag, or hardcovers are just too clumsy to put in my bag. The weight is a problem too. Books aren’t too heavy, but if my school bag is heavy already, I hate to add even more weight to it.


eBooks are great for reading on the go. I don’t read them that often anymore, but at the start of this year, I was pretty much obsessed!

The Pros
eBooks are great for travelling. When I went to Austria earlier this year, I was reading Clockwork Princess. My bag was full, the book was big and heavy and I just couldn’t bring it. My iPad Mini, on the other hand, was small and lightweight. It’s also great when you have no place for a bookshelf in your room/house. An eReader, phone or tablet takes up much less space than a bookshelf! Some books are really cheap, if not free. Those are honestly the only ones I read. They’re just nice for when you can’t afford a physical book or when you want to read something right away.

The Cons
eBooks lack that whole “book experience”. Yeah, you still buy a book, but you can’t really touch it. (Touching your device just isn’t the same, really!) Some eBooks are also ridiculously expensive. Some eBooks are more expensive than paperbacks on Book Depository! I only get cheap or free eBooks, but I definitely won’t spend over €5 on an eBook.


Both eBooks and physical books have pros and cons. I definitely like physical books more, but I really don’t mind reading an eBook. There’s times where I actually consider getting a Kindle, but them I’m like “I could get so many physical books for that price!” So I never end up getting one. What I think would be absolutely perfect, is getting the eBook with a physical book. I’m actually amazed why this isn’t a thing! Like, why not?

What do you think, should physical books come with their eBooks? And do you read eBooks or physical books? Let’s discuss it in the comments!


  • Got My Book

    I don’t think you should get both for no extra money (since they take additional work to format) but I do like it when you get the ebook for just a small additional cost.

    I don’t read many physical books any more, simply because it is easier to read an ebook and my real favorite is audiobooks (unless it’s a terrible narrator).

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    • Ayla

      I agree, they should definitely charge additional costs for eBooks! Just not too much. Amazon has eBooks over €10 (at least the Dutch one has) and that’s ridiculous when I can get a physical book for less than that on Book Depository. 😉

      I started listening to audiobooks this week! I found two I really liked, but the one I’m currently listening to really puts me off.. The narrator isn’t bad, I just don’t really like her voice, haha!

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