The Violet Blake Series by Bre Faucheux

I received an eARC forThe Violet Blake Series by Bre Faucheux is an unexpected treasure! Read all about this eBook in my spoiler free review!A while ago I was given an ARC of The Violet Blake Series by the author, and I love it so much! I have to be honest, if this showed up on Goodreads as a recommendation, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. But then I got it, and I read it, and now I love it. The Violet Blake series is an unexpected treasure, one you should definitely read!

“Mom and dad told me from a young age that our family had secrets that must be kept, but I never felt in danger until I experienced the consequences of those secrets being revealed. My name is Shawn Cassidy, and I come from a family of healers. For as long as my family has been around, which from what my mom tells me is an extremely long time, we have been known as holy people, caretakers, those with the touch of god. Our hands cure the sick and wounded the moment skin meets skin. My dad calls it rapid cellular regeneration.”

I received an eARC forThe Violet Blake Series by Bre Faucheux is an unexpected treasure! Read all about this eBook in my spoiler free review!


Shawn Cassidy wants a normal life. She wants to survive high school and go to medical school so she can heal people with her touch, under the radar. She had never imagined her secret gift could be exposed, but then it was.


It took me a really long time to finish this book. I started months ago, then left it sitting on my iPad for weeks and then finally finished it a while back. I think the start was a bit slow and not interesting enough for me to continue. When I picked it up again, though, I could not put it down! I absolutely love the story.

The story is made out of five novella’s that create the full book. I definitely liked one more than the other, and there were a few times I just wanted to skip to the next novella. This is in no way a bad thing, though! I loved the entire story so much, and it’s written so well that it made me want to pull my hair sometimes. Like, why is this happening?! No! Stop it! Those were literally my thoughts. I was so invested and attached to these characters they made me feel all kinds of crazy – in a good way!

The Violet Blake Series was written from multiple perspectives, which I liked a lot. The characters each got a bit of a background story this way, and we just get to know the characters a lot better. Sometimes, the point of view changed from one character to another while being in the middle of a conversation. This made the story really confusing at times. I just had to stop for a few minutes, think about what was happening and then I could go back to reading.

I’m quite sad about the end though. It was so abrupt and quick and I was left with so many questions! I could honestly read another novella (or two!) about what happens next. The end was both satisfying and heartbreaking. Overall the plot had some tiny holes in the story, but it didn’t bother me. It was written well enough not for it to bother me. In novella two or three, there are suddenly two new perspectives, and it really made me dislike the story for a bit. It felt unnatural to suddenly read from unknown character’s perspective in the middle of the book, later on, I actually really liked the characters, but the first bit threw me off a bit.

My review of The Violet Blake Series can be found on Goodreads.

I received an eARC forThe Violet Blake Series by Bre Faucheux is an unexpected treasure! Read all about this eBook in my spoiler free review!

My Rating

I really enjoyed The Violet Blake Series a lot! Actually… I want more! Plot holes didn’t bother me enough to care, the things I didn’t like were covered up by how great the story was. I need this book to get more attention! It’s so good! Give it a chance, you’ll love it I’m sure!

About The Violet Blake Series

The Violet Blake series consists of 5 novellas written by Bre Faucheux. It’s available as eBook only. You can get them separately or as a set on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Are Faucheux has a website. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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